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Wine coolers buyer's guide

If you have a passion for fine wine and would like your kitchen to reflect that, a wine cooler is a must. This stylish, functional and, yes, a little indulgent installation can take your kitchen to the next level in modern elegance. And after all, if you're going to spend that little bit more on your wine, why not show it off in style?

There are several different types of wine cooler on the market, so to prevent the decision from becoming overwhelming, Wren has created a handy guide to help you make the right choice for your home.

Inspiration and Advice

The styles

In any style of wine cooler, the bottles will lay horizontally. This makes them easier to access, but also stops the cork from cracking as it is in constant contact with the wine. As a note on the former point, some wine coolers even boast racks that pull out so you can take a closer look at your collection. Styles of wine cooler include:


These wine coolers stand alone rather than fitting into your kitchen's cabinet space. This provides greater freedom as far as size is concerned, because they don't have to fit the confines - or fill the gap - your kitchen design provides. As such, you could opt for a small counter-top wine cooler which holds just a few bottles, or, for the true wine connoisseurs out there, you may want to invest in a large cooler that could house over 250 bottles.

Freestanding models are sometimes vented at the back (rather than at the front as built-in models are) to ensure the wine is kept at ambient temperatures. This means that freestanding coolers may need to be positioned a little away from walls or units, to allow air to flow through.


In general, built-in wine coolers which fit under your kitchen worktops will hold no more than 40 bottles, which is perfect if you want to build up a small supply for your own enjoyment, rather than beginning a collection as an investment. Since built-in wine coolers will fit nicely into your kitchen, they'll create a sleek, fully-integrated look that is very aesthetically pleasing.

Wine Cooler features

Wine Cooler features

Different temperature zones

Good quality wine coolers will have adjustable temperature zones that'll allow you to store red wine in the same cabinet as white, but in conditions perfect for each. Look out for designs with two temperature zones or more.

Protective features

Charcoal filters inside the cooler will remove odours that could spoil the taste.

A UV-protected glass front will shield the bottles from the sun's damaging rays.

Anti-vibration features will stop the sediment in the wine being disturbed.

Anti-theft features

Wine coolers with locks are available, so consider looking out for this feature if you want added peace of mind.


While some types of lighting may increase the temperature in your wine cooler, LED lights are much safer to use. They'll enhance the cooler's appearance and make it easier for you to read the labels.

Thermostat options

These include manual, electric and one-touch. If you want the freedom to adjust your wine to the temperature you think best, opt for manual. For a pre-set temperature range which has been deemed appropriate for the wine, go for electric. One-touch systems let you adjust the temperature within a pre-determined range.

At Wren we offer a range of wine coolers which can match every style of kitchen, from modern through to country-style. If you're planning your kitchen but unsure of how to incorporate a wine cooler, book your free appointment with one of our friendly experts.