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Warming drawers buyer's guide

Everyone at some point has had to keep a plate of food warm until a late family member returns home. The problem with this is the oven will often continue to cook or dry out the food on the plate, meaning a more sophisticated solution is needed. Step forward the warming drawer.

Inspiration and Advice

What is a warming drawer?

A relatively new addition to the kitchen, the warming drawer is perfect for anyone who loves to cook. If hosting a dinner party, potatoes or vegetables can be kept warm until the meat is cooked through - handy for those who struggle to cope with timings in the kitchen - and is also perfect for warming through bread, soup or pastries.

Keen bakers may also recognise the warming drawers from the Great British Bake Off series, as a warming drawer is a great place to allow homemade bread to rise and prove in a controlled environment.

Anyone who is prone to forgetting to get meat out of the freezer the night before intending to use it will also be pleased to learn that warming drawers are also perfect for defrosting food too.


Wren Kitchens offer warming drawers in either 140mm or 290mm in height, so which you choose completely depends on how much space you have in your kitchen and what you intend on using the drawer for. If you plan on using it to prove bread, we recommend the larger size to allow that dough room to rise. They are usually located above or below your existing oven and, as the electric control panel is located on the top interior edge of the drawer, it can be fitted flush with the surrounding cabinets.


When choosing your drawer, your choice will no doubt depend on the features available. These stainless steel or black drawers are intended to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen, and we supply warming drawers manufactured by brand leaders Bosch and Neff.

Warming Drawer features

Other common features include:

  • Temperature range from 30˚C to 80˚C
  • Electronic rotary temperature control
  • Bottom and fan heating

These features mean that moist foods retain their moisture, and crispy foods stay just that. Dinner parties, Christmas dinner and Sunday roasts become a doddle when you have a warming drawer in your kitchen.