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Kitchen sink buyer's guide

While you may you use your kitchen for a variety of activities - from kids' schoolwork to entertaining friends - it is first and foremost a functional room. At the heart of this is the kitchen sink, yet many people see it as a necessity to be accommodated, rather than what can be a striking feature. At Wren, we have a range of kitchen sinks which can be fitted seamlessly into your kitchen design - whichever one you choose.

Inspiration and Advice

There is a number of different options to consider when buying a sink, from the number of basins you want to their shape, composite materials and how they will sit within the units. With so many other things to think about in the kitchen we understand it can be easy to overlook something like the sink, so this Wren buyer's guide helps you understand your options.

Two sinks or one (and a half)?

Two sinks or one (and a half)?

In a small kitchen you'll probably be restricted to one basin, but with more space you can use two, which can make things a lot easier. Imagine you're cooking a large meal; you can have somewhere to put those baking dishes to soak, as well as a separate basin of cleaner water for washing up those items you want to re-use, or for draining vegetables. A half-size sink can also fulfil this function, as well as giving you somewhere to rinse off dirty utensils before putting them in the main basin to clean. Remember that you also need to accommodate a suitable amount of space for a draining area, otherwise things could get very messy!

Size and Shape

What size and shape?

When you know how many sinks you want, you can decide on their size. For example, one sink may require a double bowl to fit plenty of washing up in, but you could utilise two single bowls - or a single and a double if you want flexibility. The shape you select is very much down to personal space - but just remember that with a round basin the diameter will need to be a bit bigger than the width of a square or rectangular bowl, as the lack of corners will cut down on its volume.


What material to use?

Stainless Steel

Wren sink units come with three options when it comes to materials: stainless steel, composite and ceramic. Stainless steel sinks are said to feature in more than 70 per cent of homes, as they are cheap yet extremely hygienic, easy to clean, very hard-wearing and environmentally friendly. Polished steel gives an ultra-sleek modern look, but a brushed, textured or satin finish will hide scratches more effectively.


Ceramic sinks come with an attractive glaze and can sit comfortably in traditional or modern kitchen designs, while the other advantage they have over stainless steel is that they are available in a range of shades; your sink can therefore either fit in with your colour scheme or be a feature all of its own.


If you're aiming for a sleek contemporary look but don't want stainless steel, try a composite sink. Composite materials are durable and easy to clean, and can be produced in a range of colours. The nature of the manufacturing process means the sinks are seamless - adding to the sleek look. Just remember that when choosing colours, vivid tones may seem exciting at first, but may not stand the test of time.

So feel free to browse our extensive range of sink units, and start thinking about how they would work in tandem with our various worktops and kitchen unit sets.

Furthermore, you can book your appointment to speak to one of our experts who have helped others get their perfect kitchen and can help you get yours.