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Oven buyer's guide

As the bustling centre of your home, your kitchen should encompass your character and individuality as much as the rest of your home. Make the most of your space, and your budget, with the range of gas and electric ovens.

Inspiration and Advice

An explanation of the different types of kitchen ovens available:

Convection Ovens


These are the most popular kind, and one that most will be familiar with. They heat quickly, evenly and come in various sizes to fit into any kitchen.

Steam Ovens


If you are a health enthusiast, consider a steam oven. These ovens use water vapours to cook. Using a steam oven is healthier than a convection oven, it seals in flavour and cooks quickly. It's also an ideal choice for the keen baker, as it won't dry out cakes, biscuits and breads. Whilst steam ovens are great for these uses, they won't be able to brown or crisp, so consider a convection/steam combination.

Range Ovens


These remain popular, but it's important to note the difference between a range and a range-style oven. A traditional range is hot all the time, and always ready to use. In the past they were used to provide heat and hot water for an entire house. A range-style oven has the look of a range, with separate ovens, grill and several hob rings, but works like a normal oven that you switch on as and when you need it.

Warming drawers

Warming drawer

This is another option that has become popular in recent years, and you might have seen them on the ‘Great British Bake Off'. They are heated to lower temperatures than ovens, and are ideal for warming plates, keeping food hot and raising dough. They can even be used for low temperature cooking, such as making meringues.

Slide and Hide Ovens

Slide and Hide

Another ‘Great British Bake Off' favourite is the Neff Slide and Hide oven. Its retracting oven door makes it ideal for smaller kitchens and gives easy access to the oven cavity. No more burnt forearms as you reach in to check your Sunday roast.

The oven is a central part of every kitchen. If you're planning on a new kitchen but are unsure of the type of oven to purchase due to style concerns, book your appointment with one of our professionals. They will guide you through the entire kitchen planning process to ensure you get the style and look you want.