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ILVE Charcoal Filters for Roma, Modern and Traditional Hoods

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Compatible with:

AP.CH.ILV.002 - Ilve Roma 100cm Chimney Hood Black Matt - AG100/M

AP.CH.ILV.003 - ILVE Hood Modern 150cm Stainless Steel - AGQ150

AP.CH.ILV.004 - ILVE Hood Modern 120cm Stainless Steel - AGQ120

AP.CH.ILV.005 - ILVE Hood Modern 110cm Stainless Steel - AGQ110

AP.CH.ILV.006 - ILVE Hood Modern 100cm Stainless Steel - AGQ100

AP.CH.ILV.007 - ILVE Hood Modern 90cm Stainless Steel - AGQ90

AP.CH.ILV.008 - ILVE Hood Traditional 150cm Stainless Steel - AG150/I

AP.CH.ILV.009 - ILVE Hood Traditional 150cm Matt Black - AG150/M

AP.CH.ILV.010 - ILVE Hood Traditional 120cm Stainless Steel - AG120/I

AP.CH.ILV.012 - ILVE Hood Traditional 120cm Cream - AG120/A

AP.CH.ILV.013 - ILVE Hood Traditional 120cm Matt Black - AG120/M

AP.CH.ILV.015 - ILVE Hood Traditional 100cm Stainless Steel - AG100/I

AP.CH.ILV.017 - ILVE Hood Traditional 100cm Cream - AG100/A

AP.CH.ILV.018 - ILVE Hood Traditional 90cm Stainless Steel - AG90/I

AP.CH.ILV.020 - ILVE Hood Traditional 90cm Cream - AG90/A

AP.CH.ILV.021 - ILVE Hood Traditional 90cm Matt Black - AG90/M


• Set of charcoal filters to allow the ILVE traditional and Modern hoods to be used on recirulation mode 

Product Code AP.AC.ILV.077