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The Home Wrenovation Survey 2015

Explore the key findings of our home decoration and improvement survey, which aims to uncover what drives the UK's wrenovation decisions...

Linda Barker

Foreword by Linda Barker


Creating a beautiful living space is incredibly important. Your home is your own sanctuary, to get away from the stress of everyday life. So decorating your sacred space should be an enjoyable task. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to always be the case. That's why we're publishing this report.


49% of homeowners are not happy with the way their home is decorated or furnished.

We're a nation divided. Nearly half of UK homeowners (49%) are not entirely happy with their home. Despite the staggering amount of people who aren't happy, there is light at the end of the tunnel! As we grow older and earn more, we become much happier with our homes.


83% of homeowners redecorate part of their home every year.

If we redecorate often, what does this have to say about how we feel in our homes?

Money talks. Only 63% of households with an income of £10,000 or less redecorate yearly. Although it is still over half, it is the lowest of any salary band. In comparison, 91% of households with an income of £70,000 - £80,000 redecorate yearly.


26% of homeowners have argued over decorating decision.

A clash of styles or tastes can cause arguments at home when it comes to decorating.

This can make the simplest of decisions, such as choosing the colour and style of a new rug, a strenuous task.


32% of us said we find choosing décor & furniture stressful.


It just goes to show that lots of us do enjoy creating our perfect nest – shopping with a partner or family member means you’re building your home together and thinking carefully about making the right decisions.

I think the numbers would be reduced even further if homeowners planned exactly what furniture they needed before they left home.


- Linda Barker -

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48% of households give the most attention to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the centrepiece of the home, where we do everything from socialising and cooking, to watching television and completing homework. Add in all of the extra work involved in crafted and installing a kitchen and you start to understand why we give this room the most attention.


70% of UK homeowners said they or their partner get involved in DIY projects.

95% of homeowners aged 18 to 24 responded that they would get involved in DIY tasks, as opposed to hiring someone.

But the statistics suggest that as you grow older you are more likely to hire someone, than get involved yourself.

The statistics say...


of people are happiest in their

Living Room


of people spend the most time in their

Living Room


of people entertain guests in their



of people are most frustrated with their


But do we decorate the right room?

Let’s look at this objectively; we already know that 49% of homeowners are not happy with their home and perhaps this is because they aren’t decorating the rooms that actually matter the most to them? What does Linda Barker think...

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Which room should we be decorating?

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of our home and lives. For that reason, we need to ensure its right.

More people are happier with their living room and bedroom when compared to the kitchen, yet we spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen.

We care about the opinion of others and because we are more likely to host guests in our kitchen, it makes sense to redecorate this space. Especially when everything we have learnt from the survey is taken into consideration.

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