What's on the menu this Christmas Day?

Festive Feast

Turkey or chicken… Which would you rather have at Christmas?

We surveyed the UK and found everyone's Christmas Day staples are wildly different. Some couldn't have the 25th without soup, some turn their nose up at turkey. So which are the most popular Christmas foods? Take our addictive higher or lower quiz to find out.

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When was the last time you enjoyed a traditional British Christmas dinner? Judging by your score it's been a while! See if you can beat your score next time.

Your score is much like Brussel sprouts… A little bit hit and miss! Joking aside, you didn't do too badly – reckon you could beat it next time round?

Congratulations, you're a bona-fide Christmas cracker when it comes to knowledge on the much-loved festive feast. Time to pop the Bucks Fizz!