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Faber H646xW590xD370 Fabula Plus Downdraft Hood

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The Fabula Plus 60 is Faber's latest and most compact downdraft extractor.  This discreet hood, can be hidden within the worktop when not in use, but is then raised up for efficient extraction.

This hood features an LED bar to illuminate the cooking area, and had a beautiful black glass and stainless steel finish.

The hood can be easily ocntrolled using EVO touch control. This manages the positioning of the hood, and the hood's impressive extraction settings, reaxching a maximum extraction rate of 630 m3/h. 


* Discreet yet stylish Downdraft Cooker Hood
* Black Glass and Stainless Steel finish
* LED light bar to iluminate the hobb


* Grease filters dishwasher safe
* Controls: Electronic
* Charcoal filters included
* Remote Control included


* Width - 600mm
* Air Capacity (Speed 1) - 150 m3h
* Power Input (Speed 1) - 55 W
* Pressure (Speed 1) - 120
* Noise Level (Speed 1) - 39 dB

* Air Capacity (Speed 2) -280 m3h
* Power Input (Speed 2) - 120 W
* Pressure (Speed 2) - 420
* Noise Level (Speed 2) - 56 dB

* Air Capacity (Speed 3) - 350 m3h
* Power Input (Speed 3) - 155 W
* Pressure (Speed 3) - 490
* Noise Level (Speed 3) - 60 dB

* Air Capacity (Speed 4) - 440 m3h
* Power Input (Speed 3) - 190 W
* Pressure (Speed 3) - 550
* Noise Level (Speed 3) -  65 dB

* Air Capacity (Intensive) - 630 m3h
* Power Input (Intensive) - 270 W
* Pressure (Intensive) - 630
* Noise Level (Intensive) - 72 dB

* Energy Class - B
* Air Outlet - 150mm 


* Fabers EVO motor design is the very latest technology and is optimised to give exceptional performance in terms of efficiency,  power consumption, silence and effectiveness even with long extraction ducts.
* The Remote Blower kit accessory allows the hood motor to be removed from the hood body and installed in a different position, or even in another room. By moving the motor, the overall ducting length can be extended and if placed in another room such as a garage or  utility room, the noise output is removed from the kitchen.
* Perimeter extraction technology allows the hood to extract air from a greater area, allowing the hob to be wider than the hood. The grease filters are covered by a decorative panel and are surrounded by the thin perimeter extraction point, which extracts air quickly and effectively with 25% less perceived noise out put than standard grease filters.
* The intensive speed function increases the motor speed to the highest setting for 6 minutes to clear cooking odours and steam before reverting back to the previous setting.
* The delayed switch off function keeps the hood running for 30 minutes after cooking has finished to clean the air and remove steam and cooking odours.
* The hour 24 function activates the hood on the lowest setting for 10 minutes every hour for 24 hours or until the function is deactivated. This is to allow regular cleansing of the kitchen air with minimal disruption.
* The hood is equipped with a grease filter maintenance alarm which highlights when the grease filters are due to be cleaned. The alarm is not audible.
* The hood can be used with a remote control to activate the motor settings, lighting and all other functions of the hood. The remote control is magnetic, which allows it to be kept in handy position so that you can always easily find it. The remote control is an optional accessory
* All Faber hoods have energy efficient LED lighting to illuminate the cooking area.
* With the touch of a button, the hood's LED light can be dimmed down. This can be left on for a long time with minimal energy consumption. 

Product Code AP.CH.FAB.160
Colour Black