CDA H595xW595xD570 Single Pyrolytic Oven

A H 595 W 595 D 570

Colour: Stainless Steel | Product code: AP.OS.CDA.162

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* Extended 5 Years Warranty Parts and Labour, Offer Valid from 1st January 2024 - 30th April 2024

The SL500 combines the best of multifunction oven cooking with easy to use operation. Featuring 13 functions, including a rapid preheat mode, an extra-large 77L capacity and a touch control timer you can set your programme and temperature quickly as well as automate cooking times. There is a pyrolytic cleaning function that will incinerate dirt and grease to a fine ash, eliminating harsh chemicals and elbow-grease from your routine. Enjoy the time-saving features and explore user-friendly details on this model, like twin lateral lighting inside and a quadruple glazed door for extra safety.


*Rotary control
*Stainless steel side trims
*LED white display
*Quadruple glazed
*Stainless steel handle


  • Extra-large 77L cavity -  Large cavity to provide more room for family cooking.
  • 13 Function oven - offering a variety of different cooking modes such Fan oven with even heat throughout the whole cavity, Fan with lower heat ideal for Pizzas, Conventional cooking for when different heat zones are required, these modes offer complete flexibility in use to bring out the inner MasterChef in you
  • 6 Shelf positions -  Making cooking flexible, allowing better cooking results with more food in the oven
  • 2 x lateral halogen lights -  Off set Lights at the sides of the oven rather than the back providing Clear illumination across all shelves allowing you to check the progress of your food whilst cooking.
  • Rotary control with touch control clock/timer
  • Easy clean enamel interior -  Easy to maintain oven with effortless cleaning
  • A rated -  Energy efficient, keeping costs low.
  • Removable inner door glass -  Makes it much easier to clean between the panels
  • Removable door -  Allowing you easy access to the oven cavity whilst cleaning
  • Chrome rack sides with integrated anti-tilt shelves -  A built in safety feature to reduce accidents when removing hot food.
  • Cooling fan -  In conjunction with Triple Glazed doors helps to keep the temperature of the door cooler for safety
  • Preheating indicator -  No more guessing, know exactly when your ovens up to temperature
  • 2 x 75% telescopic shelf kit -  Telescopic runners allow easy removal of baking trays, racks and gourmet oven dishes from the cooking compartment and hold them securely in position.
  • 1 x Space saver oven shelf -  This shelf maximises the useable oven cavity space with its Ingenious design allowing more flexibility within the oven
  • 1 x Flat oven shelf 
  • 1 x Large Grill pan with grid - the supersize grill trivet will take approx. 15 rashers of bacon, enough to feed the whole family
  • Pyrolytic cleaning function – This function will incinerate dirt and grease to a fine ash, eliminating harsh chemicals and elbow-grease from your routine. 
  • Rapid pre heat – Allows the oven to heat to temperature as quickly as possible which is ideal when you having hungry mouths to feed
  • Safety door lock – When the oven is in pyrolytic cleaning function, the door will lock until the process has finished and the chamber has cooled down


*Oven light
*Warming oven
*Booster function
*Pyrolytic cleaning
*Half electric grill
*Conventional oven
*Fan assisted oven
*Fan oven
*Fanned electric grill
*Electric grill
*Fan cooking with lower heat
*Eco fan oven


Rated electrical power: 2.8kW
Net capacity: 77L
Energy Rating A

Product Code: AP.OS.CDA.162

Category: Single Ovens

Colour: Stainless Steel