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Zone In and Out of Your Kitchen to Make Life Easy

The layout of your kitchen can change the entire look and feel of your room. That’s why it’s key to arrange your cabinets and plan a kitchen layout to suit you and your lifestyle as well as your taste.

When it comes to planning, you may (or may not!) have heard of the tried and tested ‘working triangle’?! The idea is that the three most used appliances – the sink, the hob and the fridge – are designed within good reach of each other. But now, there’s a new and updated method for your whole kitchen design to make the hub of your home efficient as possible: Zones.

The Zoning Method

Zone is essentially a dedicated area to define an activity in each part of your kitchen. They include cooking zones, prep zones, social zones and more. They help keep both you and your kitchen organised.

We’ve mapped out different zone ideas so that the next time you reach for whatever it is you need, it’s in the exact right place.


Your appliances are probably the hardest working parts of your kitchen, so they definitely deserve their own zone.

Choosing freestanding or integrated appliances depends on your kitchen layout and design scheme. A smaller kitchen would benefit from integrated appliances owing to their space-saving benefits, offering you a clean finish and an open feel to your space.

Integrated appliances also work especially well in a modern space with a minimalist aesthetic, where you can embed your appliances into your cabinets to maintain a sleek design.

Freestanding appliances work well in a larger kitchen with plenty of floor and cupboard space.

For inspiration, browse our full range of appliances.

Top Tip: Keep your essential oils, spices and utensils on a shelf or draw nearby your cooking zone, so they are in easy reach as you cook.


If you’re fed up with struggling to find your baking ingredients dotted around the kitchen, now is the time to store all your dry ingredients in one place.

For a great space-saving solution, choose containers that stack well to vertically place your clear jars on top of each other – however, if you choose to do so, it is sensible to use shatterproof or plastic clear jars so you can keep your kitchen safe.

Top Tip: An embossed label maker offers a retro look and makes it easier for the eye to find your ingredients super quick!


When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you want to make this (dreaded!) task as easy and as quick as possible! Keep your cleaning supplies in an organised fashion, and your house will be tidier for it.

For your cleaning zone, we suggest the easiest spot is anywhere within easy reach of your sink – as this is where you do most of the cleaning. Take a few minutes to evaluate what products and tools you use every week and throw away any you no longer need. For larger cleaning items, like your vacuum and mop, keep them in one cupboard.

From ingenious rotating or floating corner storage that can bring the content of your cupboard to you, we have clever storage ideas to improve how much space you have in your cleaning cupboard.

Top Tip: Larger cleaning tools can be hung on the inside of a door with hooks or clamps.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you can create a real focal point for family life and friends with a kitchen island. During demanding weekdays, you can socialise with loved ones comfortably and casually and then, on weekends, transform the island into a sophisticated dining space. 

As well as this, the kitchen island can act as a study space and workstation too.

Top Tip: Install feature lighting above your island for an intimate dining space. This will provide a subtle ambient layer of light to the room and generate a warm and cosy atmosphere.


Wondering what to have for elevenses or an afternoon pick-me-up?!

cook’s pantry or chef’s larder is fast becoming one of the most desired features in the home, and here at Wren Kitchens, we’ve recently launched a dreamy larder unit. Fill this full of cupboard essentials along with fresh fruit and sweet treats to help tide you over until dinner time.

Plus, with a designated snacking zone, the little ones can pop in without disturbing dinner prep or zoom calls!

Top Tip: Group similar items together in the easy-to-reach middle section of your pantry. For example, if you’re using it to store your favourite tea and biscuits, add your tea selection, biscuits and equipment in one spot.


If you love hosting, then we’d advise creating an integrated bar area in the hub of your home. From a built-in bar to a drinks fridge or wine cooler, there are multiple options to create your own cocktail bar.

Top Tip: Display your favourite glasses and store the rest hidden away in a nearby cupboard.


We’re a nation of crazy coffee lovers, and if you’re in the coffee club then why not dedicate a corner in your kitchen. Mid-way shelving in a kitchen is key in displaying your barista tools and accessories. It doesn’t mean it has to be boring though, run with a theme and have fun!

We’re loving Neelam’s luxe coffee station from – she’s created this sophisticated space with Wren’s shelving and styled it with gold accessories to create a picture-perfect look. 

She’s devoted space for her coffee machine nearby, so everything is within easy reach. Get grinding and frothing your brews in a corner of your kitchen with the help of Wren – speak to a kitchen designer in a showroom near you.

Top Tip: Tie in your barista equipment with the hardware of your kitchen – for example, match your gold tap with a gleaming gold percolator!

Our expert designers can make the most out of any space, whether it’s an alcove or an awkward spot, their expertise and know-how will really maximise every inch to create your preferred and perfect kitchen zones! Book your appointment here.

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