Wren get football fever for CLIC Sargent!


Last night was the highly anticipated Wren Cup charity match for CLIC Sargent. The Nest boys battled it out against the Scunthorpe factory in a heated match that ended in victory for only one…

Wren Kitchens Barton Town Charity Football CLIC Sargent

The Barton boys wore their wigs for a team photo before the game. Suits you sirs!

WRen Kitchens Warm Up Charity Football Match

And the warm up begins…

Wren Kitchens CLIC Sargent Charity Football Match

The reason for all this clowning around – supporting the fantastic children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent!

Wren Kitchen Verses Barton Town Charity Football

We had a Wren rainbow shine over the match!

Sun Out Wren Kitchens Chairty Football Match

Things start heating up as the sun comes out…

Half Time Draw at Wren Kitchens Charity Football

It was a close first half with the score at 1-1

Wren Kitchens Employees Dress Up for Wig Wednesday

Hannah and Amy dress up at half time for a Wig Wednesday snap!

Wren Kitchens Dress to Raise Money for CLIC Sargent

Great timing with Millhouse in the background!

Wren Kitchens CLIC Sargent Charity Football

We only lost two match balls…

Wren Kitchens Playing Charity Football

Jake throws in for Scunthorpe

Wren Kitchens Playing Football Match for CLIC Sargent

Scunthorpe lads fight hard to keep the ball away from their net

Wren Kitchens Football Team Play Charity Football Match

Matt Oates leads the way towards the goal…

Wren Kitchens Play Charity Football on Wig Wednesday

Toby was the only one to wear his wig for the entirety of the match. Great effort!

Wren Barton Office Win Charity Football Cup

Barton scoop the very first Wren Cup! Sorry Scunthorpe…

A huge thank you to all the lads that stepped up and got involved. With player fees of £5 to charity, and entry fee on the gate, we managed to raise £284 on the night! The guys at Barton Town Ground were impressed with the standard of playing, and will be sure to welcome us back for a future tournament. We’re really grateful for them letting the lads battle it out on their field of dreams!

With special thanks to…
  • Pete and Owen at Barton Town Ground for letting us play, and for arranging referees and linesmen, as well as gatesman and an announcer!
  • Laura who kept us well fed on the night.
  • Zebra Print Management for kindly donating a banner to help us advertise the event.
  • Scott Reynolds for putting together his Scunthorpe team, and traveling over to Barton for the match.
  • Paul Dean for arranging the Nest team and keeping them in check.
  • All the spectators who came to support the lads and put up with a bit of rain!

So The Nest holds the Wren Cup for now, who will take it next? I’ve heard the Barton warehouse boys have got their eyes on it…


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