The World’s Weirdest Restaurants & Cafés

Have you ever had a dining experience where maybe the waiter was a little off or you ended up at the wobbly table? Well, feast your eyes on this list of some of the world’s weirdest and wackiest eateries – guaranteed to tempt even the least curious of diners! (And you may be pleased all you were left with was a mint imperial…)

Draculas – Gold Coast & Melbourne, Australia

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Australia
Draculas Cabaret Restaurant, Australia

Sink your teeth into this outrageous cabaret dining experience – complete with ghost train ride into the theatre, 3 course meal and a 2-hour performance extravaganza to die for! Expect the unexpected with shows changing every year but always remaining outrageously wacky and filled with comedy, rock and amazing horror FX. You’ll leave feeling disturbed, entertained and wickedly satisfied.

The Sweatshop – Paris

The Sweatshop Restaurant Paris
The Sweatshop, Paris

Don’t you hate it when you’re out for coffee but suddenly have that urge to sew? Me too… But don’t worry, if you happen to find yourself in this Parisian coffee shop when it happens – well, super! Have a go at stitching while you slurp in this niche café, filled with sewing memorabilia. Perhaps you’ll come up with the next biggest fashion trend (or a new tea-cosy, at least…)

Dinner in the Sky – Worldwide!

Dinner In The Sky In Brussels
Dinner in the sky – Brussels

Being hoisted 50 metres in the air, harnessed to your seat and being served a four-course meal – does this sound like your idea of an adrenaline-fuelled evening? Well if you’re looking for a venue for your next client meeting, birthday party or even wedding reception, this is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

Dans Le Noir – London

Dans Le Noir  In London
Dans Le Noir – London

We all know the struggle of trying to eat during a power cut – huddled around a single candle or torch and trying not to spill the contents of dinnertime all over your shirt. But why not pay for this privilege? Choose from 4 ‘surprise menus’ and indulge in a unique dining experience in London’s Clerkenwell, where dinner is served in pitch darkness. The aim being to heighten your senses and maximise your taste buds for a night that’s guaranteed to be intriguing at the very least… It certainly puts new meaning to the term ‘blind date’!

Calico Cat Café – Tokyo

Calico Cat Café In Tokyo
Calico Cat Café – Tokyo

This list would not be complete without an honorary ‘Cat Café’ mention. This craze is becoming increasingly popular in Tokyo, with cat-lovers being able to pay for an hour spent wining and dining with those of the feline persuasion. With up to 20 cats at a time strutting and prowling the café, jumping over tables and guests themselves, diners relish in being able to spend time with these fluffy friends; their apartments being too small or not suitable for keeping pets in this ever-growing city. Hairball soup, anyone?

Have you been to any weird and wonderful (or not so…) cafés on your travels? I’d love to check them out!