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TLC for your bedroom

To be able to properly unwind at the end of the day, bedrooms should be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

It’s time to treat your bedroom with the TLC it deserves! Think of your bedroom as a cocoon. It’s a place to shed the stresses and strains of the day and enable you to rest, ready for the next. To get the best from your bedroom and make it a calming, tranquil sanctuary, take it step by step to see what can be changed.

Mattress choice is key

Mattress choice
Infinity | Shaker Classic | Fossil Grey Matt

A comfortable mattress is vital for a decent night’s sleep – and a decent night’s sleep is so important for our health and happiness. It’s well worth taking the time to choose the most comfortable mattress for you. If you’re buying your bedroom furniture from Wren, you can get your mattress from us too. We have seven different high quality options that fit our bed sizes.

A luxurious lie-down 

Comfortable bedding
Infinity | Shaker Classic | Navy Blue Matt

Luxurious bedding will help you nod off more easily. Layer your bed in pieces that make you happy. If you like to flop onto a sea of cushions, go for it. If a faux-fur throw encourages you to snuggle and relax, then absolutely buy one and enjoy.

Good quality materials will feel more comfortable and will last, and this is especially important when choosing your pillows. Microfibre pillows are lightweight, anti-allergenic, and feel luxurious. Down-fitted pillows are super soft and squashy, and more breathable than synthetic fillings, but can’t be washed.

When it comes to bed linen, invest in the highest thread count you can afford – your future, well-rested self will thank you!

Remove distractions

Remove distractions
Infinity Plus | Shaker Classic Ermine | Pebble Grey Matt

Clearing away clutter will help you clear your mind. Have a good tidy and sort through everything in your bedroom. Invest in some new storage if you need to – quality pieces will last for years and make a difference to the way a room feels.

With Wren’s bedroom furniture, you can have all kinds of rails, shelves, drawers and shoe racks, in whatever combination works best for you and your stuff. Having space to move around your bedroom and keeping it clutter-free will make it easier to switch off without distractions.  

Go natural 

Go natural
Infinity Plus | Shaker Classic 5 Panel Ermine | Mushroom Matt

When it comes to materials, especially at this time of year, keep things natural and light. Aim for cotton and linen fabrics which will feel and look fresh and chic.

Think about curtains and rugs as well as bedding, as they are likely to be focal points in the room. Injecting some texture into the room – whether it be in the form of your headboard, cushions, or wall decorations – can bring depth and character to your space.

Calm colours soothe the mind 

Infinity | Shaker Classic | White Matt

Natural and neutral tones are great as a base, especially teamed with accessories that include organic elements. That doesn’t mean colour is a no-no, though!

Muted pastel colours are fresh and encourage relaxation and happiness. Blue, particularly, is a calming colour.

Finishing touches 

Finishing touches

Soft lighting is soothing, so choose a couple of lamps rather than relying on a main ceiling light. Scented candles are an inexpensive accessory that can have a relaxing effect. A vase of fresh flowers or a plant will tap into the soothing power of nature. Have a good book on your bedside table, or ready access to your favourite music.

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