The ULTIMATE Instagram kitchen trends

There’s nothing quite like designing a kitchen that incorporates all of the designs you’ve had your eye on for some time. However, with so many different styles, colours, and finishes to consider, it can be tricky to make a final decision. So where do you turn to for inspiration? For many people, Instagram is the only place to go.

Instagram has quickly become a source of inspiration for people decorating their homes. In fact, a new wave of influencers has begun to break out into the digital space whose niche is “home inspiration”. Industry leader Mrs. Hinch (@mrshinchhome) has 4.1 million followers! We used hashtag research and search trends to find out the most popular kitchen design trends on Instagram right now. From colours to worktops, layouts to flooring, discover the most popular Instagram kitchen trends below.

The Colour: White

The colour of a kitchen can make such a difference to its overall appearance and, of course, it is entirely dependent on your personal preference. Saying this, our findings showed that there is a clear winner in the colour space for kitchens.

As we expected, white came out as the most popular kitchen colour on Instagram. The hashtag “#whitekitchen” has a huge 617,537 posts. However, the tide does seem to be turning on this iconic classic, with many people starting to choose bolder colours for their kitchen plans.

Wren Kitchen’s design director, Darren Watts, comments on this future trend shift: “When designing their kitchens, people are choosing to go with a bolder palette.

“For example, we’ve seen a particular trend toward shades of green. This colour has risen to prominence with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner choosing it as a leading colour in her kitchen.”

The Cabinets: Shaker Style

The importance of a good cabinet style cannot be underestimated, as these well-designed assets really bring a sense of character to your kitchen. And there’s one design that constantly proves particularly popular with homeowners: the Shaker.

On Instagram, the hashtag “#shakerkitchen” has 84,974 posts and “#shakercabinets” has 81,355. This shows just how popular a classic, simple kitchen cabinet is.

But why is the shaker style kitchen so popular? Well, it’s down to its versatility. After all, it looks great both in a super modern kitchen and a classic farmhouse-feel space.

Search trends also show that searches for “shaker style kitchen cabinets” have increased by a whopping 110% in the last year. This certainly proves that this style is continuously sought after.

The Flooring: Wooden Herringbone

This visually appealing design creates interest within the space and gives any kitchen a real farmhouse feel. Search trends have seen an increase of 160% for the term “Herringbone floor” in the past year, with 83,000 posts on Instagram using the hashtag “#herringbonefloor”.

In terms of material, wood is ever popular with 296,000 people posting under the hashtag “#woodflooring”. More specifically, Oak is the wood of choice having 73,400 posts sharing the hashtag “#oakflooring”.

The Worktops: Granite

Granite worktops have always been a favoured choice amongst homeowners, but more recently, they have soared to the top of everyone’s radar. In fact, on Instagram, we found that 22,700 posts sit under the hashtag “#graniteworktops”. This worktop is a consistently trendy one, due to its durability, alongside its affordable price point.

It is an all-rounder because it lasts such a long time and it’s easy to maintain. Plus, it has a price tag that is significantly less compared with its visually similar counterpart – marble.

In terms of the colour of the granite, white, greys, and blacks reign supreme when you browse through the Insta photos that share the granite hashtag. If you’re pondering over what colour granite worktop to opt for, you can book an appointment at a showroom near you and take a look at our wonderful, wide offering.

The Layout: Galley Style

The layout of your kitchen is another crucial factor to consider. On Instagram, the most engaged hashtag relating to kitchen layout is “#galleykitchen” with 19,600 posts. These kitchens comprise two parallel work surfaces, which are often used in a smaller, thinner space.

This style is great for those out there who want to utilise smart storage solutions and add a little creativity to their home.

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Now that you are familiar with the top trending kitchen designs, it’s time for you to channel these phenomenal styles into your own home.

Take a look at our sleek range of fitted kitchens, now. Alternatively, check out our other useful blog posts for further kitchen inspiration and select the perfect style for you.

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