The UK’s Top 10 Most Nostalgic Foods

Nostalgic Foods - Bangers & Mash

Do you have a food you absolutely adore? Something from your childhood that sparks happy memories and gets your mouth watering?

If you do, you’re not alone. We’ve all got that familiar favourite that takes us right back to our family kitchen or a perfect day out. But with the everyday hecticness of adult life, it’s all too easy to forget about the foods that make us truly happy.

However, here at Wren Kitchens, we wanted to draw focus back to those foods once more; so we put our heads together and polled the UK public to find out which dishes from the last two decades they’re most nostalgic for.

Using this data, we’ve recreated several throwback recipes for you to try out in your kitchen, to recapture those cherished memories.

What foods are the UK public most nostalgic for

Many of us might still love a good old-fashioned trifle or the occasional Turkey Twizzler, but, without a doubt, the food we Brits seem to be most nostalgic for is the humble egg and chips. 22% of those who responded say they love this classic dish, though another 21% say they’ve a hankering for an easy but indulgent slice of cheese on toast.

We found Britain’s third most nostalgic food to be the winter classics shepherd’s pie, a dish that warms the hearts of 18% of our survey’s participants, while our first dessert snuck in at number four with 16% of people adoring the simplicity of a bowl of rice pudding.

Next, while we might see fish and chips as an iconic British dish, 16% of participants say they’d instead opt for the less impressive but continually popular fish fingers and chips, making it the UK’s fifth most nostalgic food. This is matched by another traditional British dish, with a further 16% saying they’re nostalgic for bangers and mash.

It’s also hard to go wrong with our seventh-place food. There’s something simple yet delicious about the unassuming nature of beans on toast, and 15% of participants agree that it makes the perfect comfort food on those miserable days.

As for our last three slots, 14% of people from our survey say they still get cravings for Angel Delight, beef stew, and the staple of childhood that was Mr Whippy ice cream. All of these form the basis of some of their fondest food nostalgia food.

Is your nostalgia bubbling away? Ours sure is. Without further ado, let’s move straight to the recipes you can try at home to get those tastebuds tingling.

Egg and triple cooked chips

While egg and chips could be considered basic, with this multi-step recipe, you can turn this unassuming dish into a culinary treat.

Egg and triple cooked chips recipe
Egg and triple cooked chips

Triple cheese and toast

Another simple recipe you can try right now; make your next serving of cheese on toast unnecessarily decedent by opting for a more uncommon type of bread and blending three different kinds of cheese together.

Triple cheese and toast recipe
Tripe cheese and toast

Fish fingers – Salmons in parmesan breadcrumbs

Not feeling the classic fish and chips? Turn those basic fish fingers into a more exotic dinner by changing up the fish and its coating.

Salmon in parmesan breadcrumbs recipe
Salmon in parmesan breadcrumbs

Angel delight cheesecake

Who doesn’t remember making Angel Delight as a child? If you’ve been dreaming of the day you can recreate it, this recipe will bring those childhood memories pouring back.

Angel delight cheesecake recipe
Angel delight cheesecake

Vegan sausages, chive mash and red wine gravy

After some bangers and mash but want a healthy vegan alternative? This recipe is perfect for anyone trying Veganuary or after some fresh vegan recipes.

Vegam sausages, chive mash and red wine gravy recipe

Of course, these are only five recipes out of the UK’s 10 most nostalgic foods for you to try. If they weren’t you’re favourites, don’t worry, you can find plenty more recipes across the inspiration section of our blog. We’ve also in-depth kitchen design guides featuring tips and tricks on how to improve your kitchen.

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