The top 10 kitchen trends set to take over 2023

No matter if you’re looking to add that finishing touch to brighten up your kitchen this year, or are set to refurnish it entirely, getting the style and feel of your cooking space just right is absolutely essential.

It goes without saying that kitchen trends are constantly changing, and it can be quite intimidating trying to research and implement the current styles before they pass you by.

Fortunately, you don’t have to refit your entire kitchen every year if you’re looking to stay on trend. In fact, it’s never been easier to incorporate elements of the latest kitchen designs without changing your base kitchen aesthetic.

So, to help you prep your kitchen for 2023, here are our top 10 new kitchen trends set to dominate the year, many of which only require you to change one or two elements of your kitchen’s style.

1. Round and curved kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have fast become the focal point of many kitchen layouts. Not only are they handy places to store and prepare food, providing much-needed extra space without getting in the way, but they also make your kitchen feel that much more social.

And it seems that kitchen trends in 2023 are going to focus heavily on that social element, eliminating the sharp corners on kitchen islands and rounding their edges for a more welcoming and inviting space where more people can sit and chat closer together.

Don’t be surprised if most kitchen design trends around islands see them becoming fully circular by the end of the year, with plenty of additional seating to make the most of the style change.

2. Subtly hidden pantries

We all know how handy it is to have a pantry close at hand for storing all those spices, dried foods, and special ingredients, and the latest kitchen designs are set to take these to the next level by creating pantries that blend in seamlessly with your kitchen space.

Hidden pantries that slide out of your cabinetry, storage spaces disguised as shallow cupboards, and deceptively large walk-in pantries are all looking to be popular this year, giving you an excuse to get creative with how you store ingredients while allowing you to get the most from your kitchen’s space, especially if it’s limited.

3. Mixed metallic materials

Metallic materials have always been a staple of modern kitchen design, and the latest kitchen trends are set to continue this by encouraging homeowners to add a blend of muted but welcoming metals for splashbacks, cabinet materials, handles, and kitchen accessories.

Considered to be visually rich yet not overly bold, combinations of bronze, brass, chrome, and nickel can lend your dream kitchen a distinctive flair without overpowering your worktops and wall colour.

4. Organic kitchen materials

Although wood and stone have always had their place in kitchen styles of the past, kitchen ideas for 2023 look to be bringing back these favourite organic materials in a big way.

From worktops to cabinets and everything in between, expect to see a lot more wood around the kitchen this year, as well as stone and marble worktops that can help take the edge off any metal already in use.

The addition of such organic materials certainly suggests a shift towards a less is more mentality, and the fact they bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any space cannot be overstated.

5. Smart technology

Smart technology is quickly becoming prominent around the home, and the up-and-coming new kitchen trends for this year are no exception.

From smart fridges that let you know when you’re out of certain ingredients to automatically temperature-controlled wine fridges, if you can think of an appliance, chances are that there’s a ‘smart’ version of it.

Naturally, smart technology isn’t an absolute necessity for your kitchen, but they’re certainly going to help you with cooking and storing food.

6. Statement lighting

Lighting has always been a crucial if sometimes overlooked aspect of kitchen design, and kitchen design trends of 2023 are certainly hinting that statement lighting pieces are going to be at the forefront of new cooking spaces this year.

Pendant lighting in particular has seen a massive increase in requests, and chandeliers might suddenly make a reappearance in even contemporary kitchen setups. In some cases, people are even using these statement lights to break up spaces in open-plan rooms.

You should never neglect lighting when designing your kitchen, even if you’re on a budget. And despite their dramatic nature, the lighting trends of 2023 can be bought at a relatively low cost while still delivering a feeling of rich elegance.

7. Eco-friendly materials

Prominent across many industries in recent years, the growing trend towards using sustainable, eco-friendly materials has, unsurprisingly, also made its way into the kitchen world.

With some of the most popular trend kitchens of the coming year proudly displaying their use of reclaimed wood and cork in their designs, as well as eco-based paints, natural eco-friendly materials are likely going to be found in use across a wide range of surfaces.

Popular materials may include wood, stone, and metal as we’ve already mentioned, but what will make these materials truly stand out is whether or not they’ve already been recycled or if they’ve been ethically sourced.

8. Open but separate kitchens

Open-plan rooms have waxed and waned in popularity over the years, but they’ve never truly gone away. And thanks to the trend kitchens of 2023, they’re set to make comeback, but with a subtle difference.

While open-plan kitchens of the past often blended seamlessly between kitchen and living space, newer setups are looking to break up the space with distinctive separators, such as storage units. While not overly obstructive, they make it clear where the living room and nooks end, and the kitchen begins.

9. Natural and sage greens

No list of the top 2023 kitchen trends would be complete without touching on some of the kitchen colour trends you can expect to see over the course of this year, and with an uptick in the popularity of subtle greens last year, this colour is likely going to be a 2023 favourite.

Admired for its soothing shades and earthy qualities, and being able to match many organic materials, a variety of greens are potentially going to be favoured across kitchens. In fact, many homeowners may choose to opt for a monochromatic style, with lighter greens for their wall cabinets and darker greens below the worktops.

10. All white kitchens

They say white is a timeless classic for a reason, and as far as on trend kitchen colours go, white is once again set to be in the spotlight.

There’s something endlessly pleasing about the way a selection of white surfaces can brighten and widen a room, helping to enhance the overall space with minimal effort. Top this off with a sense of welcoming warmth desired by many now spending more time in their home and it’s no wonder this colour is seeing such a resurgence in popularity.

And there you have it; those are our top ten trends of 2023 that are set to take kitchens by storm this year. With many only requiring you to change one thing, there’s no reason you can’t make sure your home stays on-trend this year.

And if any of the trends we’ve mentioned have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the Wren team today to discuss renovating your kitchen. You can also find plenty more inspiration for kitchen designs over on the Wren Kitchens blog.

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