The most popular foods Brits love to share on Instagram

Instagram Food Trends UK

Are you a fan of sharing a well curated shot of your morning coffee with your Instagram followers, or do you prefer to grab their attention with a snap of some impressive home baking in your pristine kitchen?

Instagram is the place to go when it comes to showing off whatever delicious treats we’ve been consuming recently, but what foods do Brits love sharing the most to really get their follower’s stomachs rumbling?

After asking people across the UK this very question, Wren Kitchens can reveal that cake is our favourite food to photograph and upload, with 10.5% of us taking the opportunity to do so.

Finding Britain’s favourite foods

With so many dishes to choose from, our expert team’s first task was to narrow down a selection of the most well-known and loved foods from all over the UK. They then took some mouth-watering images of the most popular foods we love to indulge in.

We then created a survey and sent it to 1000 people across the UK, asking them to look at each picture to decide which images they would most likely share with their Instagram followers. We then tallied the results, revealing which foods Brits love to show off on their feeds as well as the most popular foods to Instagram in each city.


Breakfasts, roast dinners and cakes

Whilst cake came in first place as the most Instagrammable food according to Brits, it’s no surprise roast dinners came in second place. With 5.2% of Brits being quick to snap and share their roast dinners, it seems many of us are looking to compete over who makes the best roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

In third place came breakfast foods with 4.5% of us taking a quick snap of our plates before devouring the goods, whether that’s a full fry up or a stack of hot pancakes. A classic full English breakfast is a beloved British tradition, so it’s hardly a surprise that plenty of us love to show off our breakfast plates.

Roast Dinner

Britain’s most Instagrammed foods by city

Those in Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Norwich, Plymouth and Southampton were revealed to have a love for the sweeter things in life, being the biggest fans of ‘gramming a snap of some delicious cake.

Meanwhile, those in Bristol and Sheffield prefer to make their followers envious by sharing their roast dinners – and those in Edinburgh and Nottingham prefer to share what they had for breakfast.  

Residents in Brighton and Leeds have a serious case of sweet tooth, being eager to upload a photo of their croissants or donuts. On the other hand, busy and bustling metropolitan Manchester turned out to be home to the biggest coffee photographers, with residents preferring to take a shot of their coffee rather than food.

Finally, those in Cardiff opt to show off with a juicy burger whilst Instagrammers in Glasgow like to make their followers jealous with a delicious pizza.

Instagram Food Trends by City

It’s no surprise Brits love to share some of the most popular comfort foods with their followers, whether that’s something sweet or savory…just as long as it’s Insta-worthy! If you’re interested in creating your own Instagrammable foods, see our recipe blog for some inspiration – and if you’re thinking you’d really like to take some shots but your dingy kitchen isn’t sleek enough for the grid, then check out our online kitchen planner and design your dream kitchen.

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