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The Key to Creating the Perfect Utility

It’s no surprise utility rooms are continuing to rise in popularity as they create order and harmony in your home.

Whilst the kitchen is the heart of your home, utility rooms are the workforce; a dedicated area for laundry, storing occasional cooking equipment, muddy shoes and outdoor clothing or a place for all those pet items.

Many are seeking for the instagrammable, pristine kitchens, and a separate utility room can achieve that hygienic, clean look. Plus, it hides away all those messy and noisy items.

It’s an essential space for those with pets, children and particularly those located in the countryside. However, with the rise of open plan kitchen designs, utility rooms are become even more necessary, as it liberates kitchens from baskets of laundry and the noise of a washing machine.

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The golden rules

High-quality units & worktops

Even though this area is generally hidden from your main kitchen, do not skimp on the quality of cupboards and worksurfaces. Your utility room will be one of the most hard-working areas of your home, so we’d advise a good quality worktop such as luxury laminate or durable quartz.

Durable flooring

Equally, don’t forget your flooring will need to be tough, durable and easy to clean such as Wren’s Woodpecker Flooring – it has the perfect characteristics for the utility space:

  • Waterproof and durable
  • 25 year gurantee
  • High performance material with in-built underlay

Plus it’s available in these colours and patterns:

Go for darker units

Choose kitchen units that tie in with the rest of your kitchen. It’s also worth considering installing a darker shade of units such as navy, slate grey or forest green. These darker colours are much more forgiving, so when the dog comes back from a walk all those splatters will not be seen!

Don’t forget the essentials

To plan your utility space, start with the essentials such as a washing machine and possibly a dryer. A large, deep sink is ideal for welly washing or emptying mop buckets. We’d recommend a Belfast style or a large stainless one with a drainer. A solid splashback on the walls is a sensible option as it’s easier to keep clean and remember, no grout!

Integrate dedicated pet storage

For those with pets, a dedicated space for pet beds and bowls is a good idea, especially an integrated one like Wren offers, as it’s super neat and tidy. A tall tower unit for a mop, brush and bucket is also essential to keep the items handy for any spillages and muddy footprints.

Get the look – the perfect utility

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