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The best TikTok food trends – ranked!

TikTok is one of the biggest influences on our cooking and eating habits right now: from transforming carrots into bacon, to frying eggs in pesto (which, by the way, is delicious!), there are so many trends that are inspiring us to become more creative in the kitchen, and shake up our diets.

However, if you’re a bit of a TikTok fanatic, you’ll know that with so many trends taking over, it’s hard to find which ones appeal to your tastebuds the most. That’s where we come in: we’ve ranked the top TikTok food trends, to discover which recipes are the most popular, and how you can make them at home!

1. Feta pasta

You can thank TikTok for searches for “baked feta pasta” increasing by 3,900% over the last year; taking it to 828,000 Google search results, and 947.9 million views. One of the easiest dishes you could possibly make, simply place a block of feta and some cherry tomatoes in a baking dish, season and cook, whilst cooking your pasta, and serving together.

2. Chlorophyll water

The second biggest TikTok food trend is chlorophyll water, with 171,000 Google search results, and a whopping 277.7 million views. Used as a natural way to improve skin, this trend sees you mix a shot of chlorophyll with water, which contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Apparently, it tastes earthy and minty, and is supposed to be really good for you – which is perhaps why searches for “liquid chlorophyll” have increased by a huge 1,000%.

3. Pickled garlic

Boasting 373,000 Google search results, and 158.4 million views, start by emptying the liquid from your jar of picked garlic, and replacing it with hot sauce, thyme and chilli powder, before shaking and enjoying.


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4. Wrap hack

The wrap hack has 3.7 million Google search results, and has been watched 125.3 million times, with the term “tik tok wrap” seeing a 2,300% boost in searches. Quite probably the smartest way to make a wrap, make a cut in your wrap, then fill each quadrant with different fillings, before folding it up into a neat triangle, and then grilling and eating it. Because it’s not rolled, your fillings won’t fall out, and it’s really easy to eat!

5. Pesto eggs

One of the most delicious food trends TikTok has ever seen, it’s had 111.2 million views, and 812,000 Google search results. By switching out your oil for pesto, it’ll stop your eggs from sticking to the pan, whilst locking in lots of great flavours. Simply serve with a slice or two of buttered toast, and enjoy.

6. Fried pickles

With over 62.8 million views, and 414,000 Google search results, the fried pickle is a huge trend that TikTok viewers can’t get enough of. A keto-friendly way of eating fried pickles, all you need is a waffle iron to cook your pickle – and if you’re feeling extra fancy, add a slice of cheese to make yourself a ‘chaffle’.

7. Homemade boba

Our 7th most popular TikTok food trend, homemade boba has 168,000 Google search results, and 22.1 million views. Originating from Taiwan, whilst boba is technically cassava starch balls, it can also be referred to as bubble tea, pearl tea, or tapioca tea. This trend shows you how to create it at home, with several different flavours to try, including mango and strawberry.

8. Protein coffee

Generating 3.3 million Google search results, and 18.8 million views, TikTok’s ‘proffee’ trend involves (surprise!) mixing protein with coffee – whether you make the coffee yourself, or order it from Starbucks is up to you.

Whilst many TikTok users are claiming it helps them to lose weight, this isn’t necessarily true, but obviously it does have more protein than a standard coffee, and can help you to feel fuller for longer.

9. Edible flowers

With 1 million Google search results, and 11.8 million views, this hack will elevate your drink into something that’s almost too pretty to drink! Add edible flowers into a water-filled ice cube tray, and leave to freeze. Then, you can add your colourful cubes of ice into your favourite drink – just make sure to drink it quickly, to avoid any soggy flowers floating around!


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10. Carrot bacon

Rounding off our top 10 list is carrot bacon, with 565,000 Google search results, and 8.2 million views. By mixing maple syrup, liquid smoke, paprika, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder together, this trend claims to make carrots taste like bacon. If you want to add more vegetables into your diet, this is a great way to do so! 

With so many food trends available on TikTok, we hope we’ve inspired you to test out your culinary skills in the kitchen, and share your delicious dishes with your family and friends! Alternatively, for more recipe and food inspiration, check out the rest of our blog.

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