The 7 TikTok food hacks that are worth your time

In recent years, TikTok has become a great social platform for people with varying interests, using video content to create easy food and cooking hacks to recreate at home. For avid chefs, bakers, and everyone in between, there are plenty of tips out there to make meal times even easier to prepare for.

We conducted research using on the 9th of May 2023 to determine if these TikTok tips really work, and which ones were deemed the best. This was done by studying the percentage increase of Google searches from the last 12 months, generated from TikTok trends. These results were then studied against high hashtag viewing data, taken on the 10th of May 2023.

So, whether it’s discovering different kitchen accessories to make squeezing a lemon a seamless experience or making decadent pancakes ahead of time, our research proved that TikTok’s food hacks are well-received by food lovers.

Just read on to uncover what the seven best TikTok food trends are, conducted from our research.

1. A fruit roll-up recipe with ice cream

Firstly, was the fruit roll-up ice cream recipe which is proving to be the trendiest treat to try, with the keyword “fruit roll up with ice cream” increasing by 29500% overall. Not to mention, the hashtag #icecreamfruitrollup reached 78.6m views on TikTok overall, which is huge.  

More interestingly, this keyword didn’t have a single search last year in April 2022 in comparison to its whopping 14,800 jump in March 2023. This proves how simple video cooking steps are greatly appreciated by foodies, and how successful this TikTok hack truly is.

2. Freezing pancake batter

For a quick brunch fix, TikTok brings users can learn the life-changing, and life-saving, trick of preparing a fluffy pancake mixture and spooning out the mixture into freezable ice cube trays.

The keyword phrase, “freeze pancake batter in ice cube tray” is now up by 1,200%, with as many as 5m views for #pancakecubes. Pre-preparing a brunch treat doesn’t get much easier than this.

Simply whip up the mixture for the pancakes you wish to eat at a later date, so that when you’re craving something sweet, or having guests over to stay, you can indulge.

3. Squeezing ketchup packets

Another masterful food hack relates to not making food, but covering it in your favourite condiment – ketchup. The keyword “ketchup packet squeeze” jumped up by 425% after this trend became viral, resulting in 9.8m views for the hashtag #ketchuppacket on TikTok.

But what does this hack teach you to do? Tear along the dotted line of the ketchup packet as usual, before ripping the top of the sachet open to create an opening. This allows you to dip your chips inside the sachet to get as much sauce as you’d like, rather than having to transfer all the packet’s ketchup onto a plate in the first place.

4. An upside-down burger

Another brilliant trick is the upside-down burger, with the keyword “burger upside down” increasing in traffic by 250%, seeing an impressive 170m views for #upsidedownburger on TikTok.

The popular video hack reveals how eating a burger upside-down makes it taste even juicier, and consequently, more delicious to eat. This is because the top part of the burger bun is generally thicker than the bottom, which absorbs the rich flavours of the burger itself and the toppings you’ve added.

When eating a burger upside-down, you’ll benefit from its fullest flavour, which is why this technique is so helpful and seemingly popular. You can share this trick with friends attending a dinner party at home, or the reverse!

5. Making the TikTok jelly drink

Another viral hack shows people how to make easy, flavoursome jelly drinks, which is why the keyword “TikTok jelly drink” is now up by 250%, with views for #jellydrink soaring to 67.4m as a result.  

This simple recipe involves:

  1. Adding a few of your favourite sweets, such as peach rings or fizzy cherries to a glass.
  2. Boiling the kettle and filling half of the glass with hot water before mixing both ingredients using a metal straw.
  3. Setting the TikTok jelly drink aside for a moment, until it reaches room temperature.
  4. Then, place the drinks mixture in the fridge for five hours.
  5. Take the drink out of the fridge and add some ice cubes.
  6. Ensure the jelly has set and pour your flavoured milk of choice, such as strawberry, peach, melon or banana into the other half of the glass.
  7. Next, stab the remaining milk into the jelly using your straw, stir the mixture and sip away.

6. Pierce a hole in a lemon for easy juicing

Another brilliant TikTok food hack shows cooks how to extract lemon juice without a juicer.

Lemon is a versatile ingredient, with its juice being perfect for making salad dressings, zesty desserts or tasty marinades. You can even mix lemon juice with bicarbonate of soda on kitchen sinks after food preparation, helping to keep your kitchen clean by removing dirt and odours along the way.

So, it’s not surprising that the keyword, “how to extract lemon juice without a juicer” had increased by 200%, with views reaching 171m for #lemonhack.

To try this yourself, find the raised end of a lemon and insert a wooden skewer into it, firmly pressing it into the centre of the fruit. Either hold a glass bowl under the lemon before doing this, or squirt the lemon juice straight onto your food, such as a salad.

7. Make your own twist on pickled garlic

Our research proved that people have started pickling their garlic to make delicious spicy versions at home, and this technique works wonders. This kitchen recipe keyword is currently up by 22%, having as many as 33,100 searches in March 2022, compared with 27,100 in April 2023. Plus, the hashtag #pickledgarlic gained a startling 302.8m views overall.

This quick trick elevates your local shop product and turns it into a fun snack. It also means that you can place this staple ingredient in your cupboards, which is why it’s one of the best kitchen storage ideas, so it’s ready to be used whenever you wish.

We hope that TikTok’s wealth of food trends has motivated you to improve your cooking talents, and try some new recipes knowing they work just as well as they seem. Discover more insights into kitchen-related topics, recipes and more on our blog, too.


To find the most popular TikTok hacks, we conducted desk research and found out if these food and drink tricks really worked. This was determined by viewing the comments on several viral videos to reveal user verdicts.

The data was collected from and TikTok in April 2022 and March 2023. We then searched the food hack terms and found the most relevant, using this information to find the correct hashtag for TikTok, drawing comparisons from the data along the way.

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