Summer and Autumn Kitchen Trends

Every season brings about new meal ideas, from chicken skewers to sweet potato casseroles; people spend more time cooking and socialising in the kitchen, which is why the changing seasons also bring new style ideas for your space. With this in mind, we’ve researched the latest summer and autumn kitchen trends, to inspire your kitchen layouts, colours and décor.

Discover stylish summer and autumn trends

To keep your kitchen on-trend, we’ve rounded up some of the greatest summer and autumn styles for you to incorporate into your cooking space, from the trendiest worktop surfaces to the coolest cabinet colours. 

We searched Pinterest for ‘Summer kitchen 2022 trends’ and ‘August kitchen 2022 trends’, to discover what is/will be popular, and analysed the results to pick out the most popular features across each term. 

Simply read on to find out what trends to follow, to keep your kitchen looking fresh and stylish!

Summer kitchen trends you need to know about

Kitchens provide so much potential to bring out your personality, and with the summer weather meaning you’ll be welcoming frequent dinner guests and hosting regular outdoor BBQs, you want your cooking space to look as chic as can be. But what are the best summer kitchen trends to integrate into your home?

Brass hardware is on the rise

Brassy tones add sheer warmth to your kitchen and have been seen popping up here, there and everywhere across celebrity social feeds and kitchenware magazines. Brass cabinet door handles especially add a modern touch, bringing texture and colour to your cupboards.

Hanging pendants

Whether your kitchen is more industrial or contemporary, hanging pendants are integral this summer. Hang clear glass, brassy dome pendants or block-white styles from your ceiling for an upmarket touch on your kitchen décor.  

Shiny white worktops

Modern worktops always look fitting in any kitchen, and to keep up with summer trends, opt for shiny white worktops that brighten up your space. A mixture of smooth marble and white laminate finishes are on trend this season, so it’s time to refresh yours to keep your cooking space stylish.

Integrated kitchen islands

Kitchen islands with integrated seating will be a key trend in summer. A season typically associated with meeting up incites people to invite guests over for dinner, and a stylish kitchen island helps you achieve this setup with ease. It also opens the space out, welcoming in natural light and presenting additional room for a more minimalist look.

Incorporating the Barbiecore trend

Barbiecore is a nostalgic trend, focusing on all-pink everything, and is based on Mattel’s iconic children’s doll, Barbie. This trendy kitchen style is perfect for summer and beyond, subtly brightening your kitchen with different shades of pink and pastel hues. Introduce pale pink cabinets, or add a touch of Barbiecore with pink light fittings and door handles.

Predicted autumn kitchen trends to follow

The upcoming season of autumn brings new kitchen trends and a change in preferences interior-wise. It calls for new wall designs, worktops, and more; but what are the biggest autumn trends to follow to keep your kitchen modern and in-style?

Green and blue cabinets throughout

Adding green and blue-coloured cabinets to your kitchen adds a contemporary touch to your space. Think deep greens and blues, mixing and matching shades to bring colour to your kitchen; you can even bring these on-trend colours to your worktop surfaces and your appliances. 

Exposed brick walls and splashbacks

Autumn is a season invested in copper colours that match the bronze leaves falling from the trees, with exposed brick walls back to match a more rustic kitchen style. If your kitchen is more minimalistic, an exposed brick splashback will work wonders for your space, and is predicted to be a major trend in the kitchen world.

White marble worktops

Much like summer, autumn trends point to white worktops, with sleek white marble as the number one preference. Since this season welcomes darker nights and dusky skies, adding gloss white marble worktops to your kitchen brings a bright touch, even when the nights draw to a close. Incorporate a white marble worktop into your kitchen island and contrast colours for a modern look.

Transform your kitchen space

Now you have newfound knowledge on the different trends to incorporate into your kitchen, your cooking space will be on-style for every season. Explore more kitchen inspiration from our experts, and to read more about furniture, design and homeware trends, head over to our blog

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