Student Essentials For Your University Kitchen


So, the time has finally arrived to say bye to Mum and Dad and head off to university, but before you go, you will need to endure the troublesome task of packing. Fortunately, to make your life easier, we have come up with this handy guide of all your kitchen essentials. There is no need to panic too much though, there will be shops you can buy forgotten items, and if not, it gives you an excuse to pop home to get it (and have one of Mum’s Sunday dinners).

Dinner Plate and Cutlery Set

Before you buy your kitchen appliances, check and see what is already provided for you in the house, such as kettles, toasters, irons and ironing boards. You could also ask what other housemates are taking and suggest sharing pans, chopping boards, tin and bottle openers, jugs and scissors etc. You may prefer to have you own plates, mugs, cutlery and glasses though, so you can use them exactly when you want them.

Stock up your medicine cabinet to cure that annoying and inevitable fresher’s flu. Buy cold and flu relief and maybe plasters for any nasty cuts and scrapes. Paracetamol will also come in handy to get you through the dreaded hangovers from fresher’s week! (In order to get said hangover, you will also need a crate of beer or a bottle of your favorite alcohol on hand for the first party.)

Tea Cup and Tea Pot Set

There are also a few things which are necessary which you may be likely to forget, such as bin bags, Tupperware, tea towels, washing up liquid and a sponge, washing powder and a trusty recipe book. Coffee, tea, sugar and milk are also great to have so you can offer guests a hot drink and a chat – what better way to make friends!

Wooden Spoons and Pasta


Buy yourself a few basic bits of food to get you through the first few days. Unless you can whip up a Jamie Oliver style three course meal, packets of pasta and rice are quick and simple to make; plus the expiry date doesn’t run out for ages. Following this suit, buy some frozen vegetables when you get there as a good substitute for fresh, which can go off quickly if forgotten about due to your new busy social life.

Keep in mind that less is more. You also have items for your bedroom, bathroom, and clothes and shoes to take, and this can be difficult if you have to get the train.

Good luck!


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