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Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small bedrooms work wonderfully as kids’ bedrooms, guest rooms and even as your own main bedroom. When you have a bedroom in your home that’s a little cosier, it typically allows for less space, which means good storage is crucial. To help you use your space and organise your belongings in the most efficient way possible, we’ve listed the best storage ideas for small bedrooms. 

Simply read on and discover how to make a small bedroom look bigger by using different storage solutions that help to maximise your space. 

Why is storage necessary for smaller bedrooms? 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s here that you get ready, unwind, read a book, rest, and most importantly, get a good night’s sleep. When you have a smaller bedroom, it’s easy for everyday items to clutter up this space, making It feel smaller than it is. That’s where storage comes in. The more hidden storage solutions you have, the freer space you acquire, which makes this room appear bigger, and your items easier to find. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite small bedroom ideas, with storage at the forefront of the design. 

1. First of all, declutter  

Adding storage solutions to your smaller bedroom will maximise your space. First of all, we’d recommend decluttering this space. This is easier than you think, just begin with shoes and clothing, prioritising the items you’ve worn recently, and ones that have been gathering dust. From there, you can decide whether to keep these items or throw them away. This allows for more space and a more minimalistic, calming bedroom as a result.  

2. Use storage within storage  

When considering how to make your bedroom look bigger, adding storage solutions within main storage units is the answer. This enables you to organise clutter and items that don’t quite have a place. Make a clutter-free space by sorting your belongings and placing them in storage solutions like: 

  • Baskets 
  • Ottomans 
  • Boxes with lids 
  • Underbed bags/boxes. 

Insert tray separators inside the top drawer of your double chest of drawers. This can be used to organise anything from your beauty products to electricals, such as a hairdryer and other hair tools, as well as charging cables and clothing.  

3. Add fitted wardrobes 

One of the best wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms is to integrate fitted wardrobes. These allow clothes, shoes, coats, and even bedding to be stored away, without cluttering up the room. Fitted, mirrored wardrobes are especially good storage for small bedrooms, as the mirrored fronts help the room look bigger while concealing all of your items in one place. 

4. Purchase single wardrobes for alcove bedrooms

Small bedroom design ideas can differ depending on your home’s layout. With this in mind, if your bedroom is smaller because it has an alcove, freestanding wardrobes will work better for this space than fitted wardrobes. Opt for a white wardrobe, as lighter colours complement the smaller space, allowing it to feel and look bigger. Whereas darker-coloured furniture can make this room feel a little crowded. 

5. Integrate storage behind your headboard  

Integrate storage solutions behind your bed frame, such as a tall shelving unit. Select doorless, open shelving storage to feature behind your headboard/bedframe. This ensures you’re not losing precious space to accommodate storage. You can add baskets to each shelf filled with your everyday beauty or grooming products, or use it to store your favourite books. 

You could also dot LED lights around this shelving unit. This will look the part and will help you find where your books are located for some nighttime reading when you’ve switched off your main bedroom light.  

6. Utilise over-door hangers 

With smaller bedrooms, there’s less room to store items that require a lot of room in your wardrobe. Don’t let this deter you from adding small bedroom storage. Instead, integrate an over-door coat and shoe hangers. This way, you’ll still have easy access to items you use and wear frequently, but these will be stored neatly on your door. Doing so ensures a clear floor space, and helps clear space for other items in your wardrobe. 

7. Under-bed storage 

Storage ideas for small bedrooms don’t get much better than using the under-side of your bed. It’s a simple and seamless way of reducing clutter and maximising your cosier bedroom space! 

Under-bed storage is especially helpful for hiding away items that you use less during certain periods. For example, in winter you can pack up summer trunks, bikinis, and sandals. The same can be said for bedding, as you might use a thicker duvet in the winter months. You can then pack away your thinner, summer duvet in an air-tight bag and place this underneath the bed. 

The best under-bed storage for small bedrooms 

Being smart about what you store is crucial for effective under-bed storage, as this ensures items are easy to reach. It also minimises the time spent searching for everyday items.  

Simply add:  

  • Wooden, straw or plastic boxes that fit underneath your bed. 
  • Boxes or bags with separators inserted inside, for maximum storage. 
  • Zip-up storage bags to store bedding and seasonal clothing. 

Always ensure the small bedroom storage you buy zips up or has a lid, as you’ll need to close these units to prevent items from getting dusty.  

Swap two bedside cabinets for one  

With less space to work with, avoid adding two single, separate bedroom cabinets beside either side of your bed. Instead, combine everything into one larger set of drawers. If your space permits larger drawers, this furniture will helpfully hold all of the same items in one designated space, which opens up the rest of your bedroom. This can be placed next to your bed, and can also be used as a TV cabinet opposite your bed frame. This helps you utilise every aspect of the space. Just put your TV on top of your chest of drawers and enjoy multifunctional furniture. 

Further small bedroom design ideas 

Now you’ve uncovered small bedroom ideas with storage solutions, you can begin integrating these into your home. Read our other guides on interiors and design tips, including information surrounding boys’ and girls’ bedroom ideas.   

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