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Sky Sports Presenter Bianca Westwood Reveals her Dream Contemporary Kitchen

Sky Sports reporter and presenter Bianca Westwood showcases her glamourous kitchen makeover which is now the hub of the home where she works and entertains.

The Soccer Saturday celebrity is undertaking a huge renovation project on her characterful 1950s semi-detached home in Chingford, London.

After moving in a year ago, she has completely transformed the kitchen space with the help of Wren Kitchens, and has created a showstopping, handleless kitchen design complete with a focal island and dreamy quartz worktops.

This is where I spend most of my time now. I work here and have done Zoom interviews with some pretty famous people. It’s such a comfortable, relaxing space and it’s become the hub of the home.”

The TV presenter chose Wren’s sleek Milano Elements and Milano Contour design with floor to ceiling tower units coloured in mesmerising metallic night, and the lustrous island is splashed in a shiny pebble gloss shade. The high-fashion design sparkles with a metallic chrome profile strip to highlight the minimalistic design.

The open-plan space has heaps of hidden storage, integrated appliances, an all-important wine cooler and statement smoky glass wall cabinets. 

Bianca explains that her home was definitely overdue some TLC, she says: “I found a receipt that was from the kitchen here before and it was from 1977 – so I wanted something that was going to last just as long!

“I wanted to start with the kitchen as to me it’s the most important room in the house.

“I didn’t have any set (design) ideas, but as soon as I walked into the Wren showroom and saw the dark metallic night colour, I fell in love with it and knew that’s what I wanted!

“I was finding it really difficult to visualise what it would look as there was nothing in the space at the time so it was important to do virtual reality.

“As soon as I put on the headset and looked around it basically looks like it does today. It (virtual reality) was so realistic, I actually put my bottle of water on the worktop and it fell on the floor – so it was a little bit embarrassing!”

There’s always one aspect of the kitchen which gets used more than others, Bianca laughs: “The most important appliance, especially during lockdown has to be the wine cooler and you probably know why…!

“But I do also want to experiment in the kitchen more and try and do more cooking, so I went for two ovens.”

This Christmas, Bianca will be spending it in her swanky new space, she reveals: “This will be my second Christmas in this home. Although our Christmas dinner was pretty good last year, I think it’s going to be even nicer this time round.

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