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Room 101: The Best & Worst Kitchen Trends Revealed

Which kitchen trends do you wish would go away forever? With so many design fads that have been and gone (many of which we’d rather forget!), we decided to put this question to the nation.

27% of homeowners surveyed weren’t happy with their home interiors in the first two years of moving in, compared with 15% of new-build homeowners. Shockingly, only 9% of homebuyers were completely happy with their property’s interior design after a year of moving in; suggesting there are a lot of décor trends we’d happily put in room 101.

It turns out that the worst kitchen design trends as voted for by the public are brown granite worktops, which often feature spots of green dotted throughout (not an ideal colour combination!), and country-style kitchen favourite, distressed cabinets. Rising to popularity around ten years ago, modern wood, or crisp, coloured cabinets are now favoured instead.

In contrast, the top trend is subway tiling –, especially on kitchen splashbacks. Whether you lay them out in a herringbone or stacked design; subway tiles bring serious New York vibes to your kitchen. Other trends that have made it include the classic farmhouse sink, and two-tone kitchen colour combinations.


When it comes to interior trends by decades, the 1970s has firmly been placed in room 101, letting us wave goodbye to the earthy tones and dark cabinets that once dominated kitchens across the country. The 1980s follows closely behind, famed for its coloured cabinets and busy wallpaper.


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However, our design preferences are nostalgic, with the 1950s top of the list; showing that we all still love coloured appliances (especially pastel-coloured ones!), soft shades, and statement black and white flooring.

Kitchens aside, we then asked the nation what their best and worst ever design trends are; and the first thing to head straight to room 101 is 90s throwback, inflatable furniture. Taxidermy, toilet seat covers, and carpeted or textured walls are also all trends we want to say goodbye to forever.

Barn doors came out firmly as the most favoured design trend, followed by painted open-brick walls, and wall vinyls.

For more kitchen trends, take a look at our inspiration guides. Alternatively, if you’d like to give your kitchen a makeover, book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.

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