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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Pre-Party Planning

Discover how to prep your abode (or palace!) so it’s fit for a queen or king to mark the Platinum Jubilee celebrations…

If you are thinking of holding an outdoor event, house party or street party to celebrate, it’s key to start preparing behind-the-scenes now in terms of a spring clean, buying essentials and organising your space.

As the kitchen is the jewel in the crown of your home, it’s the key area to start sprucing up so it’s party-ready for your royal visitors. Check out our essential guide to preparing your pristine kitchen so it’s the perfect palace to prepare food and host a royal extravaganza…

Step 1 – Declutter

Do you really need all of your recipe books on display or every single spice and condiment lined up on the worktop? The answer is most likely no. By removing clutter from your worktops and surfaces will instantly make your space feel bigger and refreshed.

Do a clean sweep of everything and wipe clean all of the surfaces (yes even underneath the kettle and toaster!) with warm soapy water.

If you’re short of space, on the day it’s worth thinking about storing small appliances that you may not use such as the microwave or toaster to create a sleek look.

Top tip – If you’re doing a last minute tidy, put all your clutter in a box to one side and label it up.

Step 2 – Spruce up the space

Don’t forget to spring clean your kitchen before the weekend of celebrations so it’s spick and span. To take the stress away, we’ve put together this quick check list to complete day-by-day:

  • 1 week to go – Clean windows, dust cobwebs and wipe clean pendant lights.
  • 3 days to go – Deep clean oven and other appliances, hoover and mop floor, thoroughly clean all surfaces and polish items on display.
  • On the day- Empty bins, clear the dishwasher/sink, wipe clean all surfaces and spot clean any spillages on the floor.

Step 3 – Clear your fridge & wine cooler

Make way for the incoming party food and drinks by giving your fridge a good clear out and spritz ready for a royal knees-up!

Remove all food and condiments and wipe clean the interior and exterior with cool soapy water. Use a toothbrush to clean the rubber seal. Dry clean with a tea towel.

To clear any odours, cut a lemon in half and pop it in. Throw away any out of date items and store the remaining day-to-day food in another fridge if possible, so you have a dedicated space for all your party goers.

Remove drinks from your wine cooler if you have one, ready to be stocked with party tipples.

Top tip – Not got a wine cooler? No worries, use a spare fridge in your garage or utility and dedicate it as your perfect drinks station!

Step 4 – Prep the decs

Help capture the joyous party spirit with red, white and blue decorations and mark the milestone in style!

Measure the space you want to decorate with bunting so you can purchase the correct length. Ensure it’s not in the way of food preparation areas such as your cooker (plus it’s a fire hazard!). Balloons and flags are also a great addition to offer that festive feel. Put them up the night before so it’s party-ready in advance.

If you’re celebrating with crowds, it’s worth considering buying recyclable paper plates and biodegradable knives and forks to save on the washing up. Be sure to have a spare bin liner ready for excess rubbish on the day.

Finish the look with red and white fresh flowers such as roses and a pair of pillar candles for ambience.

Step 5 – Dig out the essentials

The night before, dig out your party crockery and glasses ready to display your feast in style. Here are the essentials to create a spread fit for a king or queen:

  • Selection of glasses such as wine, champagne flutes and tumblers
  • Jugs for serving up cocktails or mocktails
  • Jigger and/or cocktail set
  • Serving spoons and cutlery
  • Festive napkins
  • Serving plates (could be paper)
  • Large platter plates
  • Cake stands
  • Different sized bowls for jam, cream, dips or salads for example
Top tip – Create a drinks station on your island, table or feature unit with a selection of glasses, garnishes and tipples so guests can help themselves.

Step 6 – Shop to a list…

Of course, don’t forget to make a shopping list for party food and drinks… it will help you save money and time!

Visit the shops a few days prior to give you time to prepare your dishes in advance and to shop around if you can’t find what you need.

Looking for a centrepiece to impress your guests? A Pimms Celebration Cake is the perfect sweet treat that’s showstopping and mouthwatering – check out the recipe.

And if you’re looking for inspiration to whizz up royal-themed mocktails and cocktails, follow our recipe guide.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate in style this Jubilee weekend by preparing your palace in advance so it’s fit for royalty!

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