Parental Gains: How Being a Parent Burns Over 50,000 Calories a Month!

Having a baby can cause dramatic changes to your daily schedule. Gym sessions, nights out and lie-ins are quickly replaced with school runs, nappy changes and play dates. Finding ‘me time’ becomes a thing of the past as your bundle of joy takes priority.

If you’re a parent, you will know that exercise can drop to the bottom of the priority list. However, parents up and down the country may be breathing a sigh of relief after hearing the news that looking after a child is actually burning up to 50,000 calories a month!

We recently conducted a report into the daily and weekly activities of UK parents, and compared our findings to that of, to work out how many calories are burnt during parenting tasks.

We have broken down our findings below, the results of which may come as a pleasant surprise:

Parents burn 1,478 calories on daily activities

Summary of daily calories burnt by parenting activities

Parents burn 2,374 calories on weekly activities

Summary of weekly calories burnt by parenting activities

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