Why You Need Neff in Your Kitchen


This week on the blog we are exploring Neff’s kitchen appliances and all the ingenious functions they have developed to help you out in the kitchen. Neff’s products have been designed with you in mind, built by cooks, for cooks! Which means they stay one step ahead of your demands, keeping you covered in the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at some of their best features…

Neff’s brilliant CircoTherm system retains the heat in your oven so your food continues to cook, even when the oven door is open. This special fan gives an even heat transference all around the oven and allows you to cook sweet and savoury dishes together, without any of the flavours intermingling – great for when you’re cooking Sunday lunch!

Modern Kitchen With Neff Appliances

They have also developed the CircoTherm Eco setting. Perfect for one shelf cooking, such as Lasagne and Shepherd’s Pie. This function will save you 30% more energy but still gives you the same results as using the whole oven.

You can even tailor your oven around your meals with Flexirail Shelves. This simple but effective mechanism allows you to alter your oven shelves depending on what you are cooking. By using individual plug-in rails, which can be easily moved and altered, you can tailor your oven depending on the size of the dish you are cooking, giving you complete flexibility.

And it’s not just the cooking appliances they’ve perfected…
Modern Kitchen with Neff Cooker Oven Fridge

You can keep your ingredients fresh and tasty for longer with Neff’s VitaFresh fridge. The VitaFresh O°C system controls the temperature and humidity to keep food fresher for longer, preventing it from perishing and helping you save money by not wasting products.Neff VitaFresh Fridge When using a VitaFresh O°C system your salad, fruit and veg can be preserved for up to 3 times longer!

So, whether you’re an ardent baker, a busy microwave chef, or you’re interested in economising your food and saving on energy at the same time – whatever your motives, Neff have the solutions!



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