Megan Mckenna’s Glamorous Kitchen Makeover Revealed


With a love of lavish interiors and a contemporary design, Megan is all about the glitz and glam.

In this year’s brand-new series of MTV Cribs, Megan Mckenna gives viewers an access all areas tour of her home, where fans get an exclusive glimpse of her glamorous kitchen.

Designed and made by Wren Kitchens, Megan glows about her stylish, contemporary kitchen: “I still can’t believe [the kitchen]is mine, everything I envisioned has come to life.”

The notoriously strong-minded reality TV star pulled out all the stops when designing her dream kitchen. Opting for a glitzy sleek look, Megan chose the Infinity Plus Milano Contour range in white gloss with super white quartz worktops and an island. The super white colour palette creates a real showstopping lavish look.

Megan’s flawless taste can’t be denied – her kitchen worktops are subtly styled with chic candles, a white kettle and double toaster, with teal highchairs adding a splash of colour. Marble flooring extends throughout the room, spilling into the open-plan lounge area featuring a superstar worthy widescreen TV and a lavish velvet sofa.

Megan credits Wren Kitchens for their help, saying: “I want to recommend this amazing company for helping me create my DREAM kitchen. Wren Kitchens have been so helpful and literally made my whole kitchen space into something I’ve wanted for so long; I highly recommend them to everyone.”

The creative brain behind Megan’s super-sleek handless kitchen is Darren Watts, Wren Kitchens Showroom Development and Design Director. He says: “Working with Megan was a lot of fun, she had a vision from the outset, and it was great to see it come to life. We weren’t working with the biggest space, so developing the design involved a lot of expertise in planning and problem solving in order to achieve a luxurious aesthetic – alongside plenty of subtle storage!

“Megan’s kitchen is a real showstopper and suits her glamorous style to a T. This kitchen is a fantastic example of what can be achieved even when you have limited space to work with.”


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