Logistics: The Road Ahead

Here at Wren we are immensely proud of owning outright our delivery and logistics network.

Statistics of Wren's Lorry Fleet

As well as seeing long term cost savings, it gives us greater flexibility in routing our deliveries, maximising efficiency. It’s quite the feat to effectively maintain such a large distribution setup, so we wanted to delve into what keeps it ticking over…

We acquired our own logistics fleet in 2012, and in the past 12 months alone, Wren have routed over 3.6 million miles of deliveries throughout the UK. That’s equivalent to travelling around the Earth’s equator over 150 times! We spoke to Junior, who heads up the Transport Team, about the success of the department so far, and where we can expect it to take us next..

A trucking success

Large Wren Truck Driving Scenic Snowy Conditions

Briefly looking back over the end of last year, December’s pre-Christmas deliveries for Freestanding Furniture orders proved to be a successful achievement for the fleet based at The Nest. By extending the ‘order now for delivery before Christmas’ by one week, a further 1,000 customers were able to take delivery in time for the holidays! We were proud to report that this particular week was our single busiest week for deliveries with 2,300 successful deliveries made.

New additions to the family

Big Fleet Wren Lorries

2015 will be a massive year for the Transport Team, with the recent addition of a further twenty Renault Master trucks and sixty de-mount boxes. This sets us in good stead to meet the customer demand as we open new showrooms and continue our sales expansion. We really are excited to get these trucks on the road!

The road ahead

Furniture Loaded Onto Wren Lorry

As 2015 kicks into gear, the benchmark has been set to improve our delivery service across the fleet and reduce delivery lead times. Over the past 4 months the Wren Transport Planners and IT Team have been working on designing and testing a continuous Route Optimisation Software. The team are excited about its prospects as it will take customer orders at the point of sale and plan them automatically. This takes us one step closer towards a delivery calendar booking system to give customers the freedom to select their preferred delivery date. The project is on schedule to go live for mid-February.

Bright Green Wren Kitchens Truck

These snapshots have all been kindly taken by their loving drivers! (They could probably give the Eddie Stobart spotters a run for their money…)

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