Easter treat jar

At this time of year, the shops fill up with sweets and plastic toys. Children are bombarded with chocolate, more than they could ever eat, and the sentiment of gift-giving can be lost amongst the plastic packaging. Instead of buying Easter eggs, I like to do something a little bit different for the little people in my life. A home-made, thoughtful touch that I hope they will remember and talk about as adults. I love homemade gifts! And my Easter Treat Jar isn’t limited to giving to children, it could be personalised for your husband or wife as a keepsake, or perhaps as a gift for your parents to celebrate the coming of spring. Of course, you can fill your treat jars with chocolate as I do here, but what about finding a candle, a family heirloom, or an old photo instead. Get creative!

What you will need:


Grab an old jam or kilner jar and as many bows and ribbons that you can find (time to raid the arts and crafts cupboard!).

Using some raffia or straw, fashion a nest and place into the bottom of the jar.

Then, get creative. Fill the jar up with sweets or photos, a little chick and some delicious mini chocolate eggs. Whatever you think will look lovely.

I can’t wait to see my nephew’s faces when I give them these on Easter Sunday.

Follow along with the video – and don’t forget to share your own Easter Treat Jar creations at #LindasKitchen.

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Living in the kitchen

You’ve heard it one hundred times and you’ll hear it again, but everybody knows that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home. A place to cook, eat, talk with loved ones, laugh with new friends, and make wonderful memories. There is nothing nicer than giving a beautiful homemade gift, or sharing a tasty new recipe with your loved ones. I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I live in my kitchen, and you're feeling inspired to get creative in your own.

Living in the kitchen : Easter Treat jar - Linda Barker Easter Video Series