Christmas Canapes Recipes

Linda makes a series of great christmas party canapes, for all your guests to enjoy. Featuring: BLT, Pineapple, Cheese and Ham Sticks & Cheese and grape penguins.

Party season is upon us, maybe its time to invite all your friends and family to your home. But rather then this being a stressful time, make it fun, creating gorgeously simply canapés.

Twist on the classic combinations, these canapés become something really special. And I’ve made sure the kids get to have fun too.


BLT: 4 Little Gem Lettuces 450G Baby Plum Tomatoes 20 Rashers Italian Pancetta

Pineapple, Cheese and Ham Sticks 1 Large Pineapple 400G Italian Parma Ham 400G of your favourite cheese

Cheese and grape penguins 300G Goats Cheese 500G Red Seedless Grapes 1 Small Carrot

How to make

Method: BLT
Step 1: Grill the pancetta for 3-4 mins until golden crisp. Once cooled break up into little bite sized pieces.
Step2: Cut the little gem lettuce into bite sized pieces.
Step3: Thread the skewers. You can put the ingredients on in any order you like but starting with a tomato and ending with a tomato helps to keep things nicely in place.
Step4: Drizzle your favourite dressing on top to make it extra special.

Method: Pineapple, Cheese and Ham Sticks
Step 1: Peel the Pineapple and cut into chucky chip size pieces.
Step2: Wrap the Pineapple chips into a single slice of Parma Ham and grill until golden brown.
Step3: Cut your favourite cheese into little bite sized squares.
Step4: Thread the skewers. You can put the ingredients on in any order you like but starting with a cube of cheese helps to keep things nicely in place.

Method: Cheese & Grape Penguins
Step 1: Chop the carrot into disc shaped slices (which will be later used as the feet)
Step2: Slice an olive down the centre, making sure you don’t fully separate the olive into two.
Step3: Roll your feta cheese into small balls and wrap the Olive heart around the cheese.
Step4: Thread a second olive onto a cocktail stick and place through the centre of the body into the carrot slice


Like what you’re seen, here's how to made one just like...

Download the recipe and method by clicking below. You can print these out and stick them in your family recipe book too!

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