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Lighting to Suit your Mood

Lighting has the power to truly transform any home, whilst working wonders for our mood and wellbeing. But it’s so much more than that: find the right type of lighting and you’ll instantly feel calmer, de-stressed… and also more romantic!

We ran a survey where we showed respondents a series of lighting images, to help uncover which types of lighting evoked specific emotions and feelings, and the results were pretty interesting…!

Pendant, cabinet and floor lights can help you to de-stress

25% of respondents agreed that having the right lighting in their home made a noticeable difference to their wellbeing, with 30% saying that lighting can enable them to de-stress.

This combination of under cabinet lights, floor lights and pendant lights had the biggest positive impact of all pictures on survey respondents’ emotions; with 48% saying the lighting improved their mood, 50% felt calmer, and 52% felt happier. Additionally, 65% of people agreed it felt cosy and relaxed, and 70% said it felt warm.

This particular lighting set up was also the favourite amongst respondents for entertaining family and friends, with 30% saying it felt the most welcoming of all pictures.

However, this lighting lost out to the flicker of a flame, combined with spotlights and pendants for romantic evenings in. 53% of respondents said that this candlelit option was the most romantic of all pictures, and 41% said they would choose this option if they were having a date.

Spotlights were found to be the best for cooking

From a practical point of view, the classic spotlights have come out on top. 41% of respondents agreed that it was the best lighting to use when cooking, and 31% said it was the best type of lighting when working from home. Kitchen spotlights rated highly for vibrancy (47%), brightness (65%), and cleanness (70%) – all important factors when attending a Zoom call or two!

Our Creative Director, Darren Watts, gives the following advice for getting the most out of your kitchen lighting:

“Lighting is often over-looked during the design stage of kitchens, however it’s an important aspect to incorporate right from the beginning. Always consider where in the room gets natural light when making decisions. Good lighting can take a kitchen from functional to fantastic, as clever placement can make your kitchen look bigger and fiddly food preparation easier by illuminating the workspace.

The first step is to work out where you want lighting to illuminate space where you really need it – such as spotlights above your hobs and counters.

It’s then important to consider adding accent lighting for visual interest. This could be a statement ceiling light above your island or bold floor-lamps placed strategically around the room.”                 

With lighting having such a strong impact on our emotions, it’s important you get them right in your home. For more kitchen lighting inspiration, head on over to our design guides, or alternatively, check out our blog.

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