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Kitchen Trends: 2020

The kitchen plays a vital role in the home, for many it is the main focal point. New kitchen trends emerge all the time, often greatly influenced by advances in technology and evolving fashions. Here, Wren Kitchens Showroom and Design Director Darren Watts, reveals his top five kitchen trends to look out for in 2020:


“In kitchen design, the use of raw materials which are rich in tones and texture will definitely continue to rise in popularity. Wren has created a market leading, natural inspired Elements collection with over 20 colours.

The Metallic Amber, Gold and Rust alongside Copper Slate and Italian Concrete offer a unique aesthetic which is proving exceptionally popular for that on trend industrial look.”


Black Belfast Sink and Brass Tap
Black Belfast Sink and Brass Tap

The popularity of feature taps continues to grow. There are a vast array of finishes and styles now available that make it easy to make your tap a statement piece.

“Brass, industrial-looking taps with unusual handles and interesting features are a great way to draw the eye and compliment the space, paired with similar finishes for cupboard and draw grips to keep a consistent style.”


“Sliding doors and hidden drawers are not just versatile in allowing you to discreetly tuck away a huge variety of appliances, but they also maximise every available space. For those without unlimited kitchen space, storage is absolutely essential for creating an un-cluttered feeling in the space and a nice environment to live and entertain in.

“Clever storage technology and adaptations have been created in the past few years to ensure that even the smallest kitchens have the built-in capacity to store as many belongings as possible. Wren kitchens have endless storage options available with over 70 different ways to customise drawers, from depth to custom cutlery inserts to shape, helping you to make a home for absolutely anything you could want in your kitchen.”


“Sustainability and the environment are important, hot topics at the moment and one many are increasingly becoming aware off and taking action to support. Rightly so, people are becoming more conscious of how and where their products are sourced and how sustainable and environmentally friendly they are.

“We’re constantly looking at innovative and simple ways to make our products as sustainable as possible. For example, for every tree that Wren’s raw material supplier uses, another two trees are planted.

“To replace real-wood worktops, Wren have a unique range of luxury laminate worktops with over 100 different combinations of depths and finishes. As well as our popular MFC (one of the most sustainable wood-based products) Shaker 5 Piece and Shaker Forest frontals.”


There’s nothing new about the kitchen island trend, but its appearance in kitchen designs doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. An adaption, however, that appears to be making new waves in the industry is the kitchen island dinner table.

“The feature is no longer simply used as additional worktop and storage space, many are incorporating a breakfast bar into the Island to maximise the flow as well as the functionality of the space.”

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