Kitchen Design Trends for Spring 2021

As spring takes over, we’re all beginning to come out of hibernation and embrace a little more colour and style in our kitchens. We’ve brought you our top five trends set to take the season by storm, offering you expert inspiration sure to enhance and uplift your own designs. Make your kitchen a monochrome masterclass Treat your kitchen to a monochromatic makeover this spring, and incorporate deep darks and blacks, crisp whites, and timeless greys into your layout. Each feature has a part to play, so, whether you’re styling cabinetry and storage space, preparation surfaces, backsplash walls, or practical appliances, take care to consider monochromatic colour coordination. Achieve classic elegance through a timeless two-tone design, with bold cabinetry sitting smartly against contrasting clean white walls and marbled surfaces. Arrange chalky backsplash tiles as a silky … Continue reading Kitchen Design Trends for Spring 2021