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It’s Cocktail ‘O Clock – Create a Bar in Your Kitchen

Staying in is the new going out – right?! Bring the party to the kitchen and create your own cocktail bar – it’s worth a shot! No matter how much space you have, you can create a dedicated area for cocktails or even coffees with these simple tips.

If you love hosting, then we’d advise creating an integrated bar area in the hub of your home, or if you have a petite area, simply add shelving and a drinks tray where guests can help themselves. Here we reveal our five top tips to create your dream bar area…

Create a built-in bar

Why limit happy to an hour when you can have a custom home bar integrated into your kitchen space? If you love entertaining then it’s worth integrating a permanent solution.

An expert designer can make the most out of any space, whether it’s an alcove or an awkward spot, their expertise and know-how will really maximise every inch to create your dream bar area! You don’t need masses of space – a unit underneath with a wine cooler and then shelving will suffice to zone your area.

For that premium look, opt for the same style units and worktops as your kitchen. Don’t forget to integrate a mixture of open and hidden storage so you can easily access your favourite drinks and cocktail set to hand, whilst keeping the mess to a minimum!

Add a drinks fridge

So many options… how do you choose? Drinks or wine coolers are ideal as they keep your beverages at the optimum temperature, all in one place.

Firstly think about the capacity of your cooler. There are sleek petite styles such as this CDA cooler that can perfectly cool seven bottles, or if you’re a connoisseur and have the space, opt for a full height one with a capacity of over 120!

There are even options with different temperature zones in order to keep your reds and whites separate – this is a must for anyone thinking of growing their collection.

Temperature tips: Red wine: 12˚C < 19˚C. White wine: 8˚C < 12˚C. Champagne: 5˚C < 8˚C.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Adding a mirrored splashback to the wall of your home bar is a great way to give it that commercial feel and make the space appear larger.

Tom and Neilson’s wrenovation is a great example – the huge mirrors act as a great splashback and create a luxe look.

It encompasses everything that a bartender needs all in one space including metal shelving overhead with glasses hanging down and a large wine cooler underneath.

Not enough space? No worries!

Think you have no space for an at-home bar? Think again, transform a section of your kitchen worktop or dresser into a bar – all your need is a tray to put your drinks on or a shelf with hooks for your glasses, a couple of cocktail recipe books, a shaker set and a bowl of fruits for garnishes.

Display your favourite glasses and store the rest hidden away in a nearby cupboard.

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