How to Make A Halloween Wreath

Happy halloween! Do you want to make sure your door is the most spooktacular on the street? Well we’ve got the perfect guide to create a sophisticated wreath.

We’ve teamed up with our appliance partner Neff to bring you this fangtastic wreath creation.

What you’ll need

  • Florist wire
  • Metal wreath frame
  • Moss
  • Christmas tree greenery
  • Small halloween decorations such as pumpkins, spiders, black flowers, cobwebs

How to make it

Firstly prepare your decorations by spraying your Christmas tree greenery black and orange. Ensure there’s enough to go around the whole wreath. Allow them to dry.

Grab your metal frame and secure florist wire at the top by wrapping it around a couple of times. Start packing the moss into it and continue to secure it with the florist wire until you’ve covered the whole frame.

Next start securing your Christmas tree greenery on top of the moss with florist wire. Use alternate colours or however you wish.

Next slot in your decorations with florist wire. Start with the biggest decorations and finish off with finer details such as spiders and cobwebs.

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