How to Look After Your Worktop

With a vast array of materials, textures and finishes, it’s important to pick the perfect kitchen worktop to match your style, budget and lifestyle. From the capable cooks and busy bakers to the takeaway tasters and ready-meal makers, kitchen worktops require different maintenance and attention to care. 

To help you choose your ideal work surface, we’ve put together a list of different worktops and how to take care of them.


Our laminate and luxury laminate worktops are designed to be robust and practical – making them a high-quality and cost-effective choice. With a range of contemporary designs, patterns and colours, laminate worktops are a stylish solution suited to all kitchens. 

One of the benefits of laminate surfaces is that they are easy to look after. With a smooth and waterproof finish, all you need to use is washing up liquid and a damp cloth to wipe down your worktop. We also advise to avoid using any abrasive sponges or fabrics on your surface – this way you’ll keep it in top condition.


For a natural look, timber worktops are a durable and high-quality choice with long-lasting potential if looked after properly. Made from the highest quality Danish-sourced wood, our timber worktops come with a care and maintenance kit to protect the silky-smooth finish.

With its own anti-bacterial properties, timber worktops become an ideal area for food preparation but also require a level of care to maintain. Real wood worktops will need to be oiled twice a year to reseal and restore its water resistance and need to be smoothed down with a wire brush to repair small scratches. Always use trivets when putting anything hot, such as a pan, on the work surface and wipe up any spilt liquids straight away.


Attractive, glossy and hard-wearing, granite worktops are one of the most popular worktop stones. 

Granite is very difficult to scratch or damage and can also be stain-resistant when adequately sealed. Although it doesn’t need much maintenance, it is still important to care for this type of worktop. Avoid using abrasive sponges and products with a high chlorine content as it may dull the finish and damage the natural properties of your granite.


Hard-wearing and low-maintenance, quartz worktops are ideal for busy kitchens. 

Quartz is an extremely durable material making it more resistant from stains, scratches and erosion. The dense and compact composition of quartz inhibits the growth of bacteria meaning the only maintenance it needs is a wipe-down with mild soap and water. However, we do advise to avoid putting scorching pans or trays directly on the surface to prevent discolouration and damage to the stone.

We hope we’ve provided you with some more information about how to care for the different types of worktops. As a general top tip, always remember to check if a cleaning product is suitable for the worktop you have chosen and don’t leave it to soak on the surface for too long – this way, you will keep your worktop looking beautiful for years to come.

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