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How to incorporate rose gold into your kitchen

Rose gold kitchen ideas

Not quite gold, not quite copper and it definitely isn’t silver… rose gold seems to be everywhere, but how do you incorporate it in your kitchen? Colour choices for metals in the home have boldly expanded beyond just chrome and brass, and this blushing metal is perfect for adding accents of colour in your space, as well as adding a touch of bling!

But rose gold can be a little intimidating – its pink hue is somewhat baffling people in terms of coordinating the rest of your kitchen and appliances. It’s true that it doesn’t go with every colour scheme, but when paired with the right choices, this warming colour can go a long way.

Whether its rose gold kitchen accessories, handles, utensils or splashbacks, this feminine and fresh touch can immediately enhance your modernity.

Read on to discover what rose gold kitchen touches you can splash on your kitchen canvas and what colours pair perfectly with it.

Rose gold kitchen - lighting above island

Rose gold splashbacks

Add a touch of glamour to your space with a metallic rose gold splashback. In aluminium composite, these splashbacks are an affordable option and they are easily fitted to your walls compared to alternatives like tiles.

They offer a soft sheen to any space, as well as having reflective benefits which is great for smaller spaces. Team it with rose gold cabinet profiling or even rose gold pendant lighting to tie in the theme – but remember, less is more, as it can look overwhelming.

Cabinets colours

Looking for the perfect hue to match your love of rose gold? Neutral cabinets look fab as they let the metallic accent shine bright rather than being overpowered.

Bright whites, greys, pinks and even navies look fantastic against the colour, especially if you add a strip of rose gold profiling along your cabinetry. The trick is not to choose an overpowering or contrasting colour which can make rose gold look brassy.

Tie it in with a quartz white or grey veined worktops – it’s a match made in heaven!

Rose gold lighting

Tie in your metallic theme by adding rose gold light fittings such as pendants above an island or dining table and flush ceiling lights.

Birdcage effect, waterfall or dome shades: there’s tonnes of lush light fittings on the market to choose from to add a touch of glamour.

Ensure the drop is the perfect size to fit perfectly above your kitchen island or dining table or simply in the centre of the kitchen. If it’s a stunning statement light, then there’s no need to incorporate anymore rose gold elements.

Rose gold kitchen accessories

Neutral kitchens often crave a splash of colour, or a standout feature. From vibrant handles to appliances and even utensils, there are ways to ensure your kitchen is perfectly balanced and not overpowered. Rose gold kitchen accessories are a great non-permanent way to add this metallic touch of opulence.

Rose gold kitchen handles

For a sleek and unfussy look, a straight bar pull handle in rose gold looks stunning against light or navy units for an ultra-modern style.

For a more traditional yet contemporary kitchen like Wren’s Shaker range, brushed rose gold knob handles or even cup pull handles add a more understated touch. If you’re looking to pare-back the look, just add blushed handles on a feature dresser rather than all your units.

Rose gold kitchen utensils

For the most affordable option to add a little sparkle in your kitchen, acquire some rose gold kitchen utensils.

You’ll be overwhelmed with the colour combinations to perfectly match your kitchen, such as rose gold and black, or with white or even marble. They’re in muted or gloss finishes. For a more rustic look we’d advise dull rose gold.

Make sure you showcase them in a rack or pot rather than hiding them away.

Rose gold cutlery seems a little excessive, but it’s very tasteful, and you can find reasonably priced sets which are sure to add heaps of glamour whilst dinning.

Rose gold kitchen splashback

Rose gold kitchen appliances

Cooker hoods are very much becoming statement pieces, so why not add a splash of rose gold on there? It’s a fun way to add a touch of glamour to your walls.

Create a focal sink area with a rose gold tap and a black Belfast sink – it’s a great way to create a feature of your kitchen if you don’t have an island.

Or if you want to invest in smaller pieces, there are a vast array of microwaves, kettles and toasters that are fully immersed in rose gold or have a hint of it. Either way you can go as big or as little as you want on the theme.

Rose gold kitchen colour schemes to consider

As a general rule, white is an excellent backdrop for rose gold, especially when you really want it to be the celebrated attraction in the room.

Another seamless pairing to match this feminine metallic, is pink – after all, rose gold is pretty much just gold with a hint of pink in it. The two pieces play off each other to create a brilliant layer of the same colour.

Or for a dramatic flair, pair your rose gold accessories with a black wall or furniture. The minimalism of black will highlight every rosy metallic feature.

Navy represents a classic, timeless palette and that holds true for navy and rose gold. As is the case with grey, the light-absorbing nature of these colours allows the glow of rose gold to radiate without looking brash. There are so many different ways you can add rose gold in your kitchen, and it doesn’t have to be garish, as when you pair it correctly with classy colours it excels with sophistication. Discover more inspiration to create your dream kitchen with Wren’s expert Kitchen Designers or by visiting one of the showrooms near you.

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