How to Design your Dining Table Around your Dream Kitchen

A dining table is an integral part of our daily life. We work, eat, read, and socialise with friends and family, all at the dining room table.

There’s a lot to contemplate when choosing your dining table – from materials, to size and style – so it’s essential to do your research beforehand as you’re unlikely to change it for a while.

If you’re lucky enough to have an open-plan kitchen/diner space, it’s important that your kitchen design and dining table is unified in terms of style and materials, which is why Wren has launched a bespoke dining table package… we design and make your dream dining table bespoke to you, to create a flawless, cohesive look with your dream kitchen!

Read on to discover our Designer’s top-tips on how to get it right:

A harmonious look

Balance is at the heart of so many things, and here you want to make sure you have common ground between your table and kitchen design.

You don’t have to use the exact same colour, but you should connect the colours throughout your kitchen space – especially if it has an open floor plan.

It could be that your table top is the same material or has a similar style element to your worktops, splashback or handles to tie it all together.

With neutral kitchen units, the possibilities are endless when designing your dining table. You could be brave and go bold with a darker table top or bring harmony and keep it neutral with the rest of the design. But the rule of thumb is to tie your design together and incorporate your kitchen materials into your dining table.

Keep in tune with your style

The style of your kitchen depends on the style of your dining table. Are you opting for a cosy farmhouse feel, a sleek and contemporary look or an industrial, raw aesthetic? This overall trend will help you decide what you want to choose in terms of your worktop material and style of legs.

It’s all about the legs

Wren has a choice of four table leg designs from square, pedestal, crossed or straight-legged styles in industrial black, wonderful white and dove grey.

Each creates a different look – for instance, bold chunky square legs in black creates a rustic, industrial look and a central pedestal design offers a more elegant and charming aesthetic for traditional spaces.

Straight legs are often most popular choice; however we’re seeing an increase in loft-style designs which incorporates crossed metal legs and a chunky, rustic table top.   

Get the shape right

Think practically and consider about where your new dining table is going to be situated within your home. This will dictate how large your table is as well as its shape and style. Wren’s bespoke dining table service provides all shapes and sizes including rectangular, square, round and even a clever island end!

Rectangles for larger rooms

The general-principle is that rectangular tables work well in larger rooms. In smaller spaces, you could still opt for a rectangular table in the corner of a room with fitted booth seating in an L-shape.

Circular or square for small spaces

Not only do round or square tables offer you the best design solution for smaller spaces, but they also create a more intimate sociable affair to your dining experience.

Space-saving island end dining

Extend your island and keep all the storage and worktop space you need by stylishly positioning an extended piece of worktop to create a T-shape. It’s a space-saving solution if you can’t quite add a dining table to your space.

Material matters

After all you won’t be replacing your table for many years, so it’s important to choose a material that’s durable and will stand the test of time.  

Marble-effect has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years and isn’t going away any time soon. Marble itself is costly, however Wren offers a faux alternative that looks and feels just like the real deal – Xena Quartz in several table top colours. It’s stain, scratch and stain resistant. Top tip: for that real bespoke look, match your dining table top to your kitchen worktops.

For wooden dining tables, match existing wood tones to your kitchen scheme such as worktops or handles. Dark or cherry woods have a more traditional feel but can also give an oriental look. Choose creamy oaks or rustic pine for a farmhouse feel.

Laminate dining table surfaces with a wood-effect grain are rising in popularity as they’re much more durable, waterproof and stain resistant compared to real wood. Check out Wren’s Laminate worktop range to create a durable, bespoke table.

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