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How to Design a Futuristic Kitchen

Prepare to be taken beyond the 21st century and discover how to create a futuristic kitchen that caters for our increasingly busy lives and smaller spaces.

This design is all about a multi-functional kitchen space that doubles up as an office, nursery, keep-fit studio and of course, an area to entertain guests. It’s packed full of integrated storage solutions and designed to have less eating space, so it’s ideal for those who prefer to eat on the go.

Anchoring this design is futuristic kitchen gadgets, supporting our everyday living such as turning on the lights without lifting a finger and cleaning the oven with one quick wipe. Doesn’t life sound so simple in the future?

Be ahead of the trends and discover the finest advancements and space-age designs that are on the market now, or will be rolling into your homes soon…

White and faux nature-inspired colour schemes

From space rockets to stormtroopers, pure white is strongly associated as a futuristic, pioneering colour. It creates a sense of cleanliness and brightness which makes it perfect for futuristic and ultra-modern kitchens, but sometimes it can be perceived as too clinical, which is why greys or faux dark grained woods can be combined with it.

We’re predicting that kitchens of the future will revert back to mother nature and are already doing so by taking inspiration from materials produced by the earth which are becoming more and more highly prized.

Computerised technology in manufacturing continues to advance, which enables us to mimic natural elements to the highest quality such as concrete, rust, dull copper and grained wood. Wren’s Elements range has over 30 textured designs that not only look like the real deal, but they feel it too and are much more eco-friendly. Gone are the days of flat coloured designs as these offer a more visually stimulating look with connotations of the outdoors and raw materials.

Sleek fuss-free design

Clean-faced sleek cabinetry will continue to be the future of kitchen design such as Wren’s designer style Milano range. Contemporary and handleless, these designs are ideal for those with limited space as it creates a minimalist aesthetic and can hold tonnes of secret storage.

One-wall kitchen designs will continue to be trending as compact city apartments are becoming more and more prevalent – especially for the millennial generation. Linear on one wall, this kitchen layout conserves space and is super-efficient without giving up on functionality. It also opens up the area for multi-functional use.

Accessorise it with simple and easy to care for items such as stainless-steel splashbacks and integrated appliances. Consider expertly engineered quartz worktops, as they are the most advanced on the market – they don’t scratch, stain or erode.  The manmade resins make this natural stone super strong but beautiful too.

Sustainability and the environment are one of the hottest topics around, and people are becoming more conscious of how sustainable and environmentally friendly their kitchen really is. The Shaker Forest five-piece kitchen is eco-friendly, hardwearing and made of MFC wood, which is one of the most sustainable wood-based products, plus it can be recycled – win-win!

Futuristic kitchen appliances & gadgets

There are so many technological appliances you can add to your futuristic kitchen!

Home connect technology

Our world is becoming increasingly smarter by the minute, and the kitchen continues to be controlled by smart devices where the technology is not in view. Home connect technology means devices can be controlled and coordinated by apps on your mobile, such as switching on the coffee machine when you’re in bed, setting the oven when you’re leaving work, and using your voice to switch on the lights or close the blinds. Perfect for those on the go all the time!

Cameras in your fridge

A smart fridge freezer allows you to check the contents of your fridge from your phone. The newly launched Bosch Freestanding Fridge Freezer with Home Connect technology means you can check the contents of your fridge at any given time and place. The interior door cameras take pictures every time the door is closed and conveniently sends them to your mobile device. It means you’ll never forget an item again!

Self-cleaning ovens

Self-cleaning ovens are rising in popularity, and we can see why, as they make the dreaded clean-up the next morning much lighter work. The pyrolytic technology means they burn away any grease and dirt, leaving fine ash to simply wipe away.

Multi-functional hobs

In open-plan spaces, the last thing you want is cooking smells travelling around your house. Many kitchens have limited capacity for extractor hoods, especially if your hob is located on an island. Faber has designed a clever and smart-looking induction combined extractor hob called the Galileo. The venting hob design makes cooking easy and flexible with its four induction zones, which can bridge to two, making it ideal for cooking with larger pans.

Grow your own food in water

Ever heard of hyrdroponics? It’s a way to grow plants in water, and enables you to save money by cultivating your own veg or herbs in your kitchen in a small space. Believe it or not, you could even grow greens in jars! All you need is water-soluble plant nutrients, a small cultivation lamp and some plant cuttings or seeds. Grow whatever greens your heart desires!

Reduce food waste

A neat little waste disposal unit such as Insinkerator 56 significantly reduces the amount of food waste that heads to your bin and ends up going to landfill! At the touch of a button, it discretely grinds food waste into tiny particles so it can be flushed away into your drainage system. Not only is it compact and fits under the sink, but it also reduces those unwanted food smells in open-plan spaces.

Are you ready to design your very own kitchen of the future? Why not try our free online kitchen planner, or book an appointment to visit your nearest Wren showroom?!

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