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How To Create Your Dream Dressing Room

No longer only a luxury or an aspiration, dressing rooms are within reach for most homes. Whether you have a spare room, an unused alcove, or a corner you can clear, it’s worth creating a dedicated space for you to get ready each day. A partitioned space, that isn’t fully sealed off by doors, works well to provide a separate area while still letting in light and without feeling cramped.

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The right storage for your dressing room is key.

Choose fitted wardrobes to maximise space. Wren’s floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with sliding doors are a fantastic option as they make full use of height, and you don’t need to allow for doors that open into the room.

As well as creating a smart and streamlined look, suitable storage is the best way to take care of your clothes and accessories.

Think about what you’ll use it for. If you have mostly dresses, make sure there are plenty of rails in your wardrobe. Do you need lots of drawer space for your casual clothes? If you want to keep shoes and hats tidied away, shelves should be a priority.

Open Wardrobe

Stacey has a combination of drawers, rails and shelves in her Infinity Shaker Classic dressing room wardrobes.

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For a real hotel feel, you can even have pull-out shoe racks. There are many options and configurations you can have behind your wardrobe doors to make your dressing room functional and personal.

Colourful wallpaper, curtains and accessories will instantly change the vibe.

Get your day off to a good start by making your dressing room an enjoyable place to be. Be creative with colour, texture and light. If you feel you’d like a boost of energy, positivity and vibrancy to begin the day, then use this space to help with that.

Colour can also be used to define the dressing area, creating a clear separation between that and the sleeping area. Alternatively, you might prefer a sense of cohesion, having it all seamlessly connected by continuing a colour palette and style throughout.

If you’re happier easing gently into the day, choose calm, serene colours and a clutter-free space to clear your mind and focus on the day ahead.

Infinity Shaker Classic White Matt

Wrenovator Sian has maximised storage space for her dressing room, going right up to the ceiling with her Shaker Classic wardrobes shown here. She’s kept her dressing room light, bright and white to create a calm environment to prepare for the day.

This dressing table is positioned to make the most of natural light. And the stylish mirror bounces light around the room.
Infinity Shaker Classic White Matt

If you can make room for a dressing table, position it in natural light. If space is a concern, you can choose a smaller dressing table, with a stool that tucks right in. If you have room to play with, you can make your dressing table area as elaborate and luxurious as you like! Use drawer organisers to keep jewellery, makeup, ties and cufflinks neat and tidy.

Small dressing rooms needn’t miss out on a dressing table. Think about fitting one within a run of wardrobes.

Comfort is vital. A soft carpet or rug will feel cosy underfoot. Having a chair, ottoman or stool is great for when you’re putting on shoes, or laying clothes out. Having somewhere comfortable to rest might mean you linger in there longer or use it as a bit of a retreat!

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