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How to create a Parisian-inspired kitchen

Looking to add a taste of France to your home? A picturesque Parisian-themed kitchen is perfect for evoking a welcoming sense of elegance in a cosy social space while sprinkling in a dash of vintage and rustic charm.

As space is at a premium in the city of love, Parisians are known for neat space-saving ideas, such as worktop overhangs used as seating areas, pull-out pantries, overhead glass or pan racks, and plenty of integrated appliances.

Parisian kitchen decor is charming yet modern, brought together with fresh and airy colour palettes and plenty of practicalities to make it the hub of the home for keen cooks and families. Its timeless look is the perfect theme to follow in the kitchen, so we’ve revealed how you can add some of this sophistication to your own home.

Be sure to stick around till the end for some top tips from the Parisian influencer, Zoe March!

Add a classical colour scheme

The distinctive Parisian colour palette is foundational in getting this look right, and the good news is that the rules for doing so are fairly simple to follow.

‘Dirty’ whites or white containing some grey, such as putty or cream colours, are typically the base of this European theme. They’re the ideal choice to act as your primary wall layer, leaving you with a canvas to add a classically coloured Parisian kitchen style on top of.

Understanding colours, such as Wren’s Navy Blue and Indigo Blue selections, can also add a delightfully shabby and chic look on units, especially in a matt finish. But this doesn’t mean all your cabinets have to be one colour, you could pair these blues and greys with neutral units or one featured element, like a dresser or island in a French blue colour.

Lastly, a deep raven black is another key Parisian colour of choice and can be used in either a flecked style or as an anchor in your space. As social areas are part of the parcel with this design, the breakfast bar or stools could have dark hues, or you could opt for a statement black island or even a dark kitchen table instead.

And don’t forget to add charm to your space with accents of earthy greens, blush pinks, and antique brass accessories.

A timeless kitchen design

When it comes to the physical design of your Parisian kitchen, its blending of old and new styles can give you the best of both worlds. This timeless look means it will never go out of fashion and suits any type of home, whether it’s a new build or a country cottage.

As a result, Parisian units need to be framed with charming and characterful touches, much like those offered by the Georgian Ermine range, which provides a sophisticated and authentic aesthetic.

However, Edwardian or Shaker-style kitchens can offer a similarly enchanting look, and a twist of contemporary styling can bring them to life. A gold splashback, black Belfast sink, or statement geometric chandeliers are also excellent choices for this.

Naturally, the central theme of any Parisian kitchen design is the social aspect, and no matter how big your space is, Wren’s expert kitchen designers will aim to incorporate it. If you don’t have space for an island, a peninsula design is perfect to entertain guests, or even a worktop overhang so people can perch for a refreshing glass of Chablis.

To finish the look off, a stunning yet practical marble quartz worktop in Valenza or Calacatta Gold finishes would look right at home in this space. Adding an understated sense of elegance, quartz worktops are also super hardwearing and easy to care for.

Integrated Appliances

Classical French cooking is renowned across the world, and the capital of France is the epicentre of all gourmet delights! Therefore, it’s important that a Parisian kitchen has top-of-the-range appliances, such as pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens and induction hobs.

And as these appliances are integrated, they reduce the space needed, making them perfect for smaller spaces and city apartments. Clever technology is perfect for hectic lifestyles as ovens, like the compact Neff Slide and Hide, give a helping hand with turning grime to ash, which means one clean wipe and it’s done!

Also, powerful induction hobs are extremely efficient, which means you can whip up the perfect steak and frites in half the time.

Neat little storage solutions

City life for Parisians, and many others, often means that space is at a premium, so it’s important to make the most out of every nook and cranny you have.

This means narrow larders to store all those cooking essentials, pull-out magic corners for all those pots and pans, feature dressers that look like furniture, and concealed island storage underneath worktops. It doesn’t matter how little space you have, it’s all about clever storage.

And if you want to create a rustic café feel, how could you not love the look of overhead storage, such as steel racks for wine glasses and wooden ceiling pan holders? Easy to reach whilst entertaining or feeding the family, these are a fab feature which adds height and interest to your design.

Alongside these, open or integrated shelving is also a great way to showcase items that you’ve collected on your travels and add a worldly appeal on top of the cosmopolitan city vibes.

Chic Accessories

Finally, no Parisian kitchen is finished being styled without antique gold, brass, or nickel accessories, such as handles, splashbacks, and chandeliers. These metallic touches create a luxury look in a rather understated way.

And don’t forget to add bistro-style chairs, which resemble those at pretty cafes in Paris. Either in rattan or steel, these vintage-style chairs are practical yet offer a rustic style to any dining area. Combine these with bench seating and a characterful brick wall and you’ve almost nailed your Parisian kitchen decor!

Adding the finishing touches

Now that you’ve got the main elements of your Parisian kitchen ready, what about those small additions that are an absolute must for authenticity?

Well, to help you finish refining your Parisian look, we reached out to Zoe March, an influencer at home in the very heart of Paris, for her expert advice.

Here are her top 6 essential tips for finalising that Parisian flare.

1. Add fresh flowers

Nothing quite says Paris like the hint of freshly cut flowers, and there’s no reason you can’t bring those same scents to your kitchen.

Once you’ve found a vase that matches the Parisian style, Zoe recommends visiting your local ‘fleuriste’ (florist) and picking out a bouquet of your favourite flowers. Not only will they help evoke the smells of Paris, but they’ll also freshen up your kitchen.

Just remember to change them weekly to keep everything smelling sweet!

2. Accent your kitchen with gold

Although metals like brass and nickel can adequately capture the Parisian style, for a truly genuine Parisian aesthetic, you’ll want to emphasise the accents of your kitchen in gold if possible.

Handles, taps, sinks, and more, all of these can be gold-coated and polished to bring a true sense of refined luxury to your kitchen space.

3. Keep your appliances neutral

Having stylish appliances is a must if you want to stay in keeping with the Parisian aesthetic, but you should try your best to keep them as neutral as possible. As Zoe points out, they’re not the focal point of your kitchen, and neither are your counters.

Instead, it should be the accents and accessories that stand out, allowing you to quickly switch things up in a stylistic sense when you need a change thanks to the neutral background neutral hues.

4. Decorate your kitchen with artwork

Art and Paris go hand-in-hand, which means there’s no reason you shouldn’t bring that same artwork into your kitchen.

Naturally, what makes for beautiful art is down to personal taste, but Zoe suggests investing in pieces that remind you of Paris; perhaps something you picked up while strolling along the Seine riverbanks?

5. Choose crockery that matches this style

Like art, what makes for beautiful crockery is subjective. However, to best match the Parisian style, you should look to choose crockery that evokes the tones of your kitchen. This crockery should be made in the type of style that can take you from a morning breakfast pastry to an evening soiree; whatever you require of your kitchen.

6. Don’t forget about lighting

As with any kitchen, getting the correct lighting is essential. And for a Parisian aesthetic, you want to ensure that whatever ever style of lighting you choose makes your kitchen warm and inviting to guests.

And there you have it, you should now be able to spruce up your space to create a spectacular Parisian-themed kitchen that will never date.  But if you’re feeling inspired, why not explore other interesting kitchen themes with our clever kitchen design tool?

You can also speak to one of our expert designers, who can help you instil this enchanting style, or seek out more inspiration by visiting our blog or kitchen inspiration page!

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