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How to create a New York, loft-style kitchen

Loft-style kitchen - black design

In the 1940s, loft living became popular in New York’s SoHo district when struggling artists moved into abandoned warehouses and began to create a multi-use space that accommodated both work and home.

This practical yet industrial loft style kitchen has caught on, and today it’s suitable for trendy city dwellers.

Apart from cooking, this room plays a much larger role as it’s the hub of the home where you socialise, drink and sometimes even work.

Loft kitchen design is often open plan yet compact and generally it fulfils three different styles – modern, industrial and urban.

This guide will offer you an insight into how you can expertly piece together your relaxed New York style kitchen that’s unique and sociable. Here’s how to get started…

Impactful colour scheme

Undoubtedly, the industrial style looks best in large, high-ceilinged lofts. This modern kitchen design is raw and exposed, yet beautifully pleasing on the eye. Think wood, metal, glass, brick and concrete, which gives strong character to open floor plan spaces.

Wren’s Milano Elements is the perfect range to create this look as it has an array of patterned and textured finishes that mimic natural materials. Pair your choice with an island in a contrasting colour and unite your design with matching metal profiles and icy quartz or natural timber worktops

For example, a textured smoked oak island would look fabulous with exposed copper slate tower units with integrated appliances. And there’s no need to stick to two cabinet colours; even three colours can work together wonderfully well.

Don’t forget to complete the look with stainless steel appliances, exposed brick walls and simple light bulb pendants.

Moreover, the modern loft kitchen design enlarges the space, making it lighter. Think sleek ultra-white units with a pop of colour splashed on focal features, as well as stylish metallic accessories such as a gold splashback.

Simple layout

When space is at a premium, rooms are often multi-functional. With a kitchen-dining-living room combination, the key is to create a harmonious space with defined areas. An island or peninsula makes a great divider as well as workspace and dining area.

Often loft kitchen design is simple yet impactful and consists of one wall of units and a focal area such as an island. To make the most of every single inch of space, tower units and open shelving are a running theme throughout this design.

New York kitchen - simple layout

Sleek cabinets and natural worktops

Compact and lustrous designs are a running theme in modern loft kitchens. With their sleeker profiles, handleless cabinets excel in smaller spaces, making even the tightest corners usable.

For stylish minimalism, choose the Milano range and keep it simple with a matching profile. Take cabinets to ceiling height to maximise storage and group appliances together in one run of cabinets.

Playing around with worktop depths and styles makes a real designer statement. A thick slab of timber looks great used on an island teamed with a contrasting thin quartz worktop. Add drama with a marble or metallic splashback.

New York kitchen - sleek cabinets

Hidden appliances

Make every item count so they’re both useful and beautiful. If you can’t hide washers away in a laundry room, choose integrated ones. Coordinated stainless steel and chrome taps, sink, fridge, ovens and extractors reflect light and work well together.

With a clever layout, great colour choices and accessories, you can make your multi-function room a standout – and create the perfect place to cook, eat and relax. It’s an ideal combination that can work for everyone.

Combining focal and secret storage

This look is achieved through clever integrated and open storage so it’s easier to reach for things when you’re on the go.

Open kitchen storage

It’s important to make use out of every single inch of space, and Wren’s expert kitchen designers will help you do just that. Think narrow pull-out larders, magic corner units and spice racks.  

However, to create a practical yet chic look, combine with exposed overhead storage solutions such as an iron rack holding glasses or pans. Not only are you making use of your height space, but it creates a zone in your kitchen.

Feeling inspired to recreate your very own swanky New York pad? Speak to one of Wren’s expert kitchen designers that can help you integrate the loft style kitchen in your home. Or book a showroom appointment to take a look at the array of kitchens on display.

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