How to create a Dramatic Christmas Tablescape

Our top tips to create a Dramatic Christmas tablescape

Don’t be afraid of the dark, especially at Christmas. Dark and moody décor is a highly sought-after interior trend and will add real drama to your dining table.

With dark hues and twinkling candles, this unique design will be remembered for years to come.
Black and gold accessories, flickering candles and winter foliage set the scene for this dramatic Christmas tablescape.

We want to inspire you to create a show-stopping Dramatic Christmas tablescape and bewitch your guests this festive season.

1. Choose your base

A dark table runner or tablecloth works perfectly for a dramatic look. A table runner is great if you have a beautifully textured table and want to leave it exposed. Avoid tablecloths with bold colours and patterns so it doesn’t take away from the dark and moody design; instead, prioritise rich fabrics with less texture, like linens or organic cotton.

2. Add your foliage

A great way to recycle the loose sprigs from your Christmas tree is to use them to make a garland. As well as being wonderfully textured and full of deep, rich greens, it’s a much more cost-effective and sustainable way to create a beautiful centrepiece. We placed individual sprigs from the tree across our black table runner and built it up until it looked thick and luscious. If you already have a garland you’d like to use, you can still incorporate the loose sprigs into the tablescape by placing them in sparse areas to fill it out. Once you’re content with your foliage, entwine small stems of gold eucalyptus into your garland for more dimension and to tie in the green and gold.

3. Create the drama

You can never overdo the candlelight on a Christmas tablescape. It amplifies the sparkle and magic of the scene and creates a warming ambience. Weave chunky pillar candles of varying heights into the foliage, placing some on contemporary matt black candle stands to elevate the look. Add some drama and elegance to the centrepiece by placing ornate gold candlesticks with quirky, twisted dinner candles on either end of the table. Finish the look by including a statement piece of décor in the centre of the table. We chose a beautiful matt black stag ornament to bring home the feeling of Christmas.

4. Glimmering Gold

Stick with the moody colour palette and match your placemats to your table runner. We used black placemats in the same fabric and texture as our runner as a base for our slightly lighter-toned crockery. Incorporate the gold elements into the place setting with glistening golden cutlery, which dramatically contrasts against the black placemats. Gold-rimmed glassware is a stylish choice paired elegantly with golden cutlery and candlesticks. Finish off the tablescape by entwining leftover sprigs of gold eucalyptus into your napkins.

If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen this Christmas, book an appointment with one of our talented designers or visit one of our showrooms.

Kitchen: Shaker Chelsea Ermine in Ceramic and Forest green, topped with sparkling Treviso quartz worktops.


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