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Bring Spring Vibes into your Kitchen Space

Looking for a spring refresh? As the season is all about joy and new beginnings, now is the perfect time to add a little sunshine to the hub of your home with these interior styling tips.

Embrace this lighter and brighter season by bringing a sense of calm, order and an energised new look with some easy to follow suggestions from Wren’s expert styling team.

The Scandi way

Accessorise with natural touches

Bring order and a sense of calm to your kitchen space this spring by adding touches of the Nordic style. This on-trend look can easily be achieved with a refresh of your kitchen space in terms of accessories, feature walls and styling. Restyle your table with neutral linens, stone vases and a rustic runner. Or create a feature wall with pale woods such as ash or beech.

Clean lines & textured units

If you’re redesigning your kitchen space, opt for whitewashed walls and clean lines such as Wren’s contemporary Ultra or Contour range combined with textured natural colours such as Harvest or Scandi Oak. For the worktops, Xena Quartz adds natural luxe vibes especially with the dramatic lines of the Bellagio finish. Add a matching splashback to create a modernist, clean look.

Top tip: Choose a sleek kitchen range and combine it with textured nature-inspired colours and quartz worktops for that Scandinavian feel.

Bring the outside in

Botanical touches

We’re all eager to get outside this time of year, but in Britain, it’s still not quite warm enough to dine outside so now it’s time to bring the outside in to your kitchen space. Look to your decor and keep your walls neutral and add a botanical feature wall with either wallpaper or shelving with easy-to-care for succulents. A large hero plant such as a palm creates a real warm welcome and a lush aesthetic.

Let light in & shift furniture

Ensure your kitchen layout is focussed towards the outdoors. Shift furniture and tables so you can enjoy a meal with a view if possible. Open up your windows and doors by taking down blinds, curtains or accessories on the windowsill so you can let light in and make the most of your garden.

Top tip: Clear all windows and doors to maximise your natural light and reflective surfaces such as appliances, worktops or accessories such as mirrors can help bounce it around.

Add green hues

Pastels & nature-inspired greens

Symbolizing harmony and growth, green is the perfect colour to highlight your kitchen units, especially when combined with a metallic profile. Greens create a peaceful and relaxed environment such as Olive, Roman Leaf or Sage. However, you can also add a ray of sunshine by splashing your cabinets with pastels such as Apple Fizz. No matter what the weather’s like outside, a pastel green will bring joy and a retro-inspired vibe.

Splash colour on feature units

If you’re not daring enough to colour all of your kitchen units green, highlight feature units such as an island or dresser. Or, opt for neutral cabinets and add a pastel green splashback. For a luxe look, style your kitchen with rich emerald tones and gold hardware.

You can also elevate your kitchen space with nature-inspired hues through accessories such as cushions, wall art or furnishings.

Top tip: Green hues and metallics are a perfect match so accessorise your space with hints of golds, silver or copper.

Restyle your surfaces

For an easy spring-ready update, declutter your worksurfaces ready for a makeover. Start with a blank canvas – remove all items, clean them one by one and wipe down the area fully.

Now you can think about restyling your kitchen windowsills, islands, tables or feature shelving. How without spending a fortune? Refresh your look by removing and adding a few new pieces which will help you think of new ways to style them. Whether it’s new flora or fauna in your vases or books from charity shops that match your colour scheme.

Don’t forget to renew your upholstery items such as throws, cushions and table linens to offer a fresh new look.

Top-tip: The key thing is to have different items to work with. Books alone can be boring. Picture frames alone can be boring. But books + picture frames + plants = interesting!

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