How Cooking with your Partner can have a Positive Impact on your Relationship

How often do you and your significant other cook together in your kitchen? Every few days? Perhaps once a week? Only once a month? Never?

If the answer is that last one, then that’s ok. Not all of us are expert chefs by any means, and it may just be that your partner is better at cooking than you. After all, washing up the dishes afterwards is a fair (and arguably easier) exchange.

But that being said, lots of information hints at the benefits of cooking together in strengthening relationships. So, the Wren team put their heads together and decided to see just how many couples in the UK cook together and whether or not they feel it benefits their relationship.

We asked 2,000 couples across the nation various cooking-related questions to see how they felt about making meals as a pair or whether they even cooked together at all.

And not only that, but we also spoke with relationship expert, life coach, and author, Carolyn Hobdey, and grilled her thoroughly on the pros of cooking any meal with your partner.

86% of Brits agree cooking with their partner benefits their relationship

So, how do couples in and across the UK feel about cooking together? Do they think they gained any benefits from doing it?

Well, 86% thought it benefited their relationship, with Brits also saying that they believe they work well as a team when cooking. On top of this, couples also pointed out that it gives them a chance to spend some much-needed quality time together after the workday is done.

Respondents also say they find it relaxing and fun when they cook together, highlighting how it’s something that brings them much closer together thanks to the opportunity to be around each other.

Perhaps most importantly, Brits agree that it’s one of the key things that’s helped improve their communication as a couple. People stated that cooking together has even helped to create several special memories they’ll treasure going forward.

The benefits of cooking with your partner at home

So, given the clear benefits of cooking with your spouse, why is it that spending time in the kitchen together can be seen as such an important step in building a solid foundation for any relationship? Well, here’s what Carolyn Hobdey has to say on that front.

1. What benefit does cooking with your partner at home bring?

In our busy lives, it can be easy to see chores as chores and for them to eat away at our downtime together. Cooking as a couple takes a necessary chore and turns it into quality time together. In essence, it makes it less of a chore and more of a fun activity with a great outcome.

2. Does cooking with your partner improve communication skills in and out of the kitchen?

Being organised enough to bring together a good plate of food will require you to communicate what needs to be done; how, by whom, and when. Successfully doing this in the kitchen by listening to each other will inevitably spill over positively into other areas of your life.

3. Is teamwork between spouses improved when cooking together?

Any shared task builds teamwork, and the kitchen is a great place to do this because a lovely meal is an output you both have a vested interest in. Both the process and the outcome of enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour are positive for the inner workings of your partnership.

4. Can cooking at home regularly improve your relationship in the long term?

Any quality time spent together will help to build your relationship. As your confidence grows in cooking together, you’ll find you can chat about other topics whilst you cook, making it more into a conversation with cooking rather than the other way around. Communication, after all, is key to any good relationship.

5. Do you think you can better understand your partner if you cook with them?

Doing any task together helps you learn about your partner; how they work and think. If you’re prepared to listen, observe, and ask questions with the genuine desire to hear the answers, you’ll soon find you understand your significant other that much better.

6. Do you think it’s better to assign each person a different job when cooking together?

Being clear about who will do what makes everything run smoother, but for the sake of developing your skills and healthy teamwork, it’s worth considering that you might change this up each time for variety.

Of course, if you both agree to stick to the same tasks each time because that is your preference, then that’s fine. But if one person always does the clearing up and doesn’t like this, it’s a ‘recipe’ for relationship disharmony!

7. What types of foods can be fun to cook together?

Always look for ‘Active’ recipes where there isn’t much waiting around for things to cook (such as a roast). Stir fries, pasta dishes, fajitas, and making your own pizzas from scratch are all good for working together, letting you see rapid results for your efforts while making cooking engaging and fun!

It’s clear there’s a lot to be gained out of cooking together in the kitchen. Doing anything that lets you and your partner hang out together, even if it’s a little bit of a chore, can be made that much more fun by teaming up to tackle it together. After all, when paired up, spouses are the dream team.

And if you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, then head over to the Wren Kitchens blog, where we’ve plenty of unique and delicious recipe ideas designed to get you cooking food you’ll love.

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