The Great Account Manager Spring Bake Off


Happy First Day of Spring! I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekly Account Manager Bake Off, so as promised, here are some photos from the latest challenge!

This week, the two teams (Cookie Monsters and Angry Birds) were tasked with baking Spring themed cupcakes…

Sping Bakes Easter Cupcakes

Almost too good to eat! Almost…

Lined up side by side, it’s a difficult job judging both entries! The Angry Birds’ entry on the left looks great with the grass base and cute little chicks, but those towering Malteser bunnies on the Cookie Monsters’ entry are a nice touch!

Angry Birds' Cupcakes

Team Angry Birds’ not-so-angry chicks!

Cookie Monsters' Cakes

The Malteser bunnies guard their Easter eggs… But they don’t get in the way of our judges!

The Cookie Monsters’ entry consisted of raised vanilla cupcakes (bringing in a couple of extra points), with indulgent butter icing, sprinkles and mini eggs. Bet the judges fought over who got one with a Malteser bunny on…

Angry Birds' Cupcakes
The fluffy chicks sit happily on a nest of chocolate rice crispies with their mini eggs. The cupcakes themselves were vanilla flavoured, with a secret buttercream filling! But how did they match up in the taste test against the butter iced and sprinkled Malteser bunny cupcakes…

Chocolate Rabbit Cakes

Team Cookie Monsters went all out with Malteser bunny decorations

And the results are in…

Sue Allen for the Angry Birds scored an impressive total score of 42/60 – strong effort with her decorative chicks and nest propping!

But it was Fay Brook for the Cookie Monsters who stole the glory once again! Her creative concoction of sprinkles, mini eggs, and those luxurious Malteser bunnies stole the show. Fay scored 46/60!

So it was a really close call, but the butter icing and Malteser bunnies did it for the judges this week. Hop back next week to find out what will be on the judges’ menu, and which team will take the glory…


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