Getting WIGGY with it!


We had some fun in the office yesterday with it being Wig Wednesday! A lot of us donned some very jazzy CLIC Sargent wigs, all in good spirits for raising a bit more cash. Here are our favourite snaps from the day…

Wren Kitchens Support CLIC Sargent on Wig Wednesday

Paul “The Viking” Dean sips out of his horn for Wig Wednesday!

John Wild Celebrstes CLIC Sargent Wig Wednesday

John “Billy Ray” Wild striking his best pose!

Lisa Supports Wig Wednesday at Wren Kitchens

Lisa paints the perfect picture in the Wig Wednesday frame!

Wearing Pink Wigs for CLIC Sargent at Wren Kitchens

“On Wednesdays we wear pink!”

Wren Kitchens Office Support CLIC Sargent on Wig Wednesday

Emma gave her best Ariel impression with long red locks!

Eddy and Tom Wear Wigs Supporting CLIC Sargent

Brothers Eddy and Tom shared the frame for a snap!

Rich and Eddy Supporting Wig Wednesday at Wren

Rich and Eddy rockin’ for Wig Wednesday!

Rich and Kelly Supporting Wig Wednesday

Rich and Kelly just too cool for school…

Wren Kitchens Employees Supporting Wig Wednesday

Laura bet Tom £10 (for charity!) he wouldn’t wear the pink wig…

Sue and Sam Enjoying Wig Wednesday at Wren

Sue and Sam enjoy a Wig Wednesday hug!

Afro Wig to Support CLIC Sargent at Wren Kitchens

Afros seemed to be a popular choice – here’s Norman!

Wig Wednesday Sweepstake at Wren Kitchens

Wig Wednesday sweepstake was a success! Congrats to Sean who scooped the £46 jackpot.

Henry Joining Wig Wednesday at Wren

Henry coordinated his hi vis with his wig. Watch out LDN fashion week!

Giant Afros at Wren Kitchen Supporting Wig Wednesday

There’s a Steve somewhere under that giant afro…

Bright Wigs for CLIC Sargent Charity Day

The two Sarahs!

Just another day in the office… Huge thanks to all staff that got involved and helped raise £211 for CLIC Sargent! Fantastic effort.

Keep an eye out for the write up of the evening’s event, the charity football match…


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