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Get to Know Award-Winning Veggie Chef Eddie Shepherd

We’ve teamed up with an outstanding contemporary chef…

Eddie Shepherd runs the unique underground Walled Gardens Restaurant from his own home in Manchester, where you can see him cook up a storm in his stunning Milano Elements Metallic Night and Milano Ultra Pencil Wren kitchen.

We have been working with Eddie to reveal to you his top-tips and favourite dishes so you can become a pro-chef at home, just like him! His skills will help you improve your presentation and cooking techniques. Keep an eye-out for upcoming posts.

The Walled Gardens restaurant achieved The Observer’s Top 20 UK Restaurants and he offers a 12 course tasting menu showcasing contemporary plant-based cuisine with an exciting, modern aesthetic.

Eddie serves a modern 12 course tasting menu in an informal atmosphere at his restaurant. All the food is prepared and served by the chef alone for just 8 diners per night, making this an intimate but relaxed, unique fine dining experience.

With over 15 years experience as a professional Chef, Eddie has taken his unique cooking around the world. From pop-up restaurants in Mexico City to cooking in Cyprus and China.

Eddie’s upcoming recipes will be revealed soon!

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